The end of an era, gym visits and an indoor beach #LittleLoves

How is it already Friday of the first week of the holidays? If they all go this quick, I will blink and they will be back at School. But I won’t be. I finished working as a teacher last week and although I had mixed emotions leaving I now feel a sense of calm. I have no classroom to get ready over the summer or any planning to do and it’s bliss. 


I’ve been reading Styling Your Brand in preparation for my rebrand. It’s fab!  It’s given me the confidence to start a new fitness Instagram profile. It has 2 photo’s so far and not very many likes. It’s a little daunting starting from scratch. 


The Handmaid’s Tale. Wow if you haven’t watched it I think you should. It’s one of those programmes that stays with you. I find myself thinking about it at random points throughout the day/week. We binge watched the first few episodes and are now all caught up and I almost don’t want it to end. 


Radio One’s Old Skool Summer Mix. I heard it on the radio the other day and loved it so much I’ve been playing it at home. It took me right back! 


It to the end of term! I know I mentioned it earlier but I’m so relieved. Teaching is not an easy job, it is not a family friendly job and I was finding it increasingly difficult to make kids sit tests and do endless assessed pieces of work that I don’t agree with. I shared this Instagram post on Facebook and it went a little crazy!


One of the only pictures I actually took on Friday evening at the end of term drinks. It’s been such a few weird weeks as it’s the end of an era or more like a decade. I qualified as a teacher in 2007, finishing my PGCE year when I was pregnant with Kyle and Friday was my last day as a teacher. I’m not sure if I will ever go back and that makes me a little sadder than I thought it would. I won’t miss the pressure, the endless amount of work with no time to do it in. I won’t miss the little thanks that you get or not having enough time for my own kids. I won’t miss leaving for work at 7:30, getting back after 6 and bringing work home. I won’t miss the data tracking, report writing or having to make the children in my class do so many assessed pieces of work and sit tests I don’t agree with. But I will miss the kids, the happiness of looking through a book and seeing the progress they have made through the year. Who knows, I might even miss the planning at some point. Teaching is not an easy job. It is not a family friendly job. Teachers are only human and I think sometimes people forget that. So here’s to you, the teachers who are sticking it out, who are teaching our children and helping them learn and grow! Good luck!!

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My gym kit out of the house to the gym and realised how much I need some new gear. Any legging/outfit recommendations? I’ve just received some Fabletics high waisted leggings and I think I love them. What a difference a properly fitting pair makes!

And Lastly ….

We’ve had lots of fun already this week. Visiting the big indoor beach when Ava stole one of her brothers candyfloss and it was bigger than her head. She didn’t eat any but wouldn’t give it back! We’ve also been to Castle Ashby, the boys have been to tennis and rollerskating with friends. Ava has been to another large sandpit and play area and one of my favourite days was when the boys decided to have a pj day and we watched Harry Potter together. 


3 responses to “The end of an era, gym visits and an indoor beach #LittleLoves”

  1. It must be such a strange feeling not going back, but it sounds like you definitely made the right decision for you. I can’t wait to see your rebrand, I’m sure it’s going to be totally amazing. Are you going to Blog On in September? It would be lovely to see you again, and we should try and meet up soon with Jade too xx

  2. Morgana says:

    I love that book! I’ve been consulting it too in preparation for overhauling my blog in the coming months (whenever I get around to it!).
    You’ve reminded me to catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale, I think I’m about three episodes behind, oops. x

  3. Susan B says:

    Lovely post. I remember that ‘leaving teaching’ feeling and felt as light as a feather on my way home.

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