Summer Beauty Trends 2017

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Are you summer holiday fed up? Or are you still enjoying it now we are a couple of weeks in? And are you actually managing to find any time for yourself? I know I’m struggling, thanks to the rain! Although I did manage a gym trip today. Exercising at the moment is a sure fire way of making myself feel a little better and less stressed when the kids get a bit too much. I’m also trying to find a little time to do some things I enjoy. Like planning holidays, reading a magazine and pinning. Oh how that little app sucks me in. I’ve been pinning lots of summer outfits and summer beauty trends. I know the recent weather thinks summer is over but I’m not ready yet. 

Summer Beauty trends 2017

summer beauty trends 2017

Dewy skin 

I keep trying and failing at this look as my skin seems to have decided to be a teenager again, minus the smooth wrinkle free forehead. I do have an amazing Mac cream blusher but I think I need a new foundation with a satin finish and to use more highlighter. 

Bright eyes and smudged eyeliner

I usually play it safe with my eye makeup and love a good black liquid liner for a flick. However after seeing all the pictures of bright eye shadows and eye liners it’s a look I’m going to try and re create. I’m loving all the blues and pinks.

Glossy lips

I’ve always been more of a fan of glossy lips than matt. Maybe not quite as glossy as the juicy tubes I used to buy and always get my hair stuck in, anyone else? Bold, glossy lips are all the rage and will continue into the winter. 

Fake tan

Safer than a real tan I tend to use a gradual tanner but have recently bought skinny tan to try. I have had a few fake tan disasters over the years, think blotchy patches and orange palms. So I now always exfoliate first and use a mitt. 


Colourful nails always help to make me feel more polished (haha) when the rest of me feels scruffy. I’ve been getting gel nails done and am loving the trend of a different hue for each nail. 

Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas and have a look at my summer beauty essentials. I’ve also enjoyed reading the experts in beauty eBook on this years beauty trends by Ellisons. If you are a professional check out their nail art supplies.



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