Project 365 #2

Day 4

A lovely family day. I couldn’t choose between these two pics. Love this one of my Dad with Ava and Kyle. Also love this one of Finlay. He is really pleased with his teddy that came with his new pjs as they are matching. 

Day 5
Baby girl is 12 weeks old today. Love watching the bond she has with her Daddy. 

Day 6
A picture of me and Ava at baby massage. I’ve been really looking forward to doing this with her. Think she liked it too. 
Day 7
Two of my babies! As Finlay would say “I really, really, really, really, really, really, love them”
Day 8
Sometimes I look at her and can’t believe I have a beautiful baby girl. 
Day 9
Just too cute! 

Day 10

Sleeping beauty. I can watch her sleeping all evening! 

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4 responses to “Project 365 #2”

  1. Love the matching pj’s, just adorable.
    And you can’t beat a sleeping baby shot.

  2. amanda walsh says:

    oh my word! I love the teddy and matching pjs 🙂

  3. Mandi says:

    lovely photos, that one with the matching teddy is soo cute.
    Sleeping babies make adorable pictures too

  4. Lovely photos.
    I love to see babies with big smiles like Ava on day 9. 🙂

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