Project 365 #9


1. The boys making pizza out of playdough 2. A sleepy Ava 3. Finlay and Ava playing together 4. Kyle and his smart haircut

We still have all the boys together on Sunday and manage to get some quiet time by getting the playdough out. I cook a lovely roast dinner and we spend the rest of the day at home playing and making a mess.

I spend Monday morning having sleepy cuddles with Ava before picking Finlay up at lunchtime. I take him for his first eye test which he passes with flying colours. As a treat we go to a little cafe and by chance his best friend is in there which he thinks is great.


1. Ava and I meeting friends for breakfast. 2. My friends and Ava. 3. Ava and I watching the boys swimming lessons. 4. Cheeky grin.

I meet friends for breakfast on Wednesday as it’s one of theirs birthday. Then it’s off to Ava’s swimming. She’s really starting to take notice now and kicks and holds onto the side. It’s the boys turn for their swimming lessons after School. Ava and I watch and I’m so pleased with how they are both doing. The change in Finlay is huge.

I go for my first run in a long time on Thursday. It wasn’t that bad, but my hips really ached for the next few days so I think I need to do some strengthening exercises first. We go to the park with some friends after School and Ethan is back when we get home. I spend the evening writing an application letter and filling out a pack to apply for the job at the School I went to look at. It’s for a SENCO post and although I have experience I’m still scared of applying.


9. Ava and a sleepy Ava. 10. Beautiful in her beautiful babygrow. 11. Ava enjoying her new bath. 12. In her jumperoo for the first time.

I rush to get my application in before the deadline on Friday lunchtime and just make it. My Mum and Dad have Finlay for the afternoon as he is desperate to see them. I get to go and meet my friend who also has a baby, a little boy a few weeks younger than Ava. It’s just me, James and Ava this weekend so once she is bathed and in bed we cook a curry and open a bottle of wine.

Saturday morning we get the jumperoo down from the loft for Ava, she’s not too sure. Then we go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. It’s nice to be outside and it not be really cold. It’s another quiet evening for us cooking a nice pasta meal and watching a film.


4 responses to “Project 365 #9”

  1. Jenna says:

    I adore Ava’s red dress/top combo in the top pictures.

    Really sweet photos. 🙂


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thank you, its a dress and tights. I’m not sure where it is from but I love it x

  2. So many gorgeous photos of Ava 🙂 Beautiful! Best of luck with the application 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thank you, wont be long until you have baby pictures too x

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