Biscuiteers Christmas Circus Biscuit Tin

This year I’ve been lucky enough to have an alternative advent treat, the Circus Biscuiteers Christmas biscuit tin. Biscuiteers biscuits are hand-iced in London and each one is unique. Everything is made the old-fashioned way and they aim for 100% biscuit happiness and they don’t disappoint! 

Biscuiteers Christmas Circus tin

The Christmas Circus Biscuit Tin comes brightly packaged with 24 uniquely iced biscuits inside. I didn’t know which one to chose first and have spent the last few days having a little treat with either a coffee or a hot chocolate and so far they have all been for me, I’ve not wanted to share them as they are so delicious. I might let the others try one, if they are lucky!  

biscuit 4

I’m really impressed with the Biscuiteer biscuits and think they would make such a lovely gift for Christmas, Birthday’s or just because. I absolutely love the Christmas tin ranges and it’s a tough call between the Nutcracker biscuit tin and The Snowman and The Snowdog tin as my favourites. The biscuits and Prosecco mini hamper would definitely make me happy! They also do chocolates, cakes and personalised biscuits. There are too many to chose from that I like so here is a little selection.

Untitled design (17)

Little box of Christmas chocolates – £11.95

Nutcracker Christmas Cupcakes – £27.50

The Snowman and The Snowdog biscuit tin – £42.50

Snowglobe big biscuit card – £20

Make sure you check them out. I’ve now sorted a present for one of those hard to buy for, got everything already people and with a free personalised message it makes it an even more unique and special gift. 

They also do biscuit cards, I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving one of them.


Disclosure: I was sent the Biscuiteers Circus Biscuit Tin for the purpose of this review. As usual all opinions are my own. 


17 responses to “Biscuiteers Christmas Circus Biscuit Tin”

  1. Lucy Grace says:

    Ooo, these look gorgeous! If they taste as good as they look then they’ll be worth every penny! Almost too cute to eat really aren’t they? Xx #picknmix

  2. I love the look of Biscuiteers biscuits , so much fun!! Still haven’t tried any yet #PicknMix

  3. Amy says:

    Oh I do love a biscuit! These look so delicious 🙂 #PicknMix

  4. Mary says:

    Aahhh I absolutely love these! They’re adorable! #PicknMix

  5. Jo Sandelson says:

    I’m a big fan of the biscuit tin. Seem to have quite a collection so these look even more appealing Jo #Picknmix

  6. Petite Words says:

    Wow, just wow, these looks incredible! I love arty cookies, such a treat! #picknmix

  7. Oh these biscuits look amazing. I have one our their recipe books but I’ve never tried their biscuits. I bet that they taste good.


  8. Kim Carberry says:

    The Biscuiteers biscuits always look so cute and fun!

  9. Wow, they look fabulous!


  10. Brandi Puga says:

    OMG I want one of these STAT! #Picknmix.

  11. How sweet! That would be an awesome surprise for my kids. I just poked around on their website. My daughter would go nuts over the Nutcracker biscuits! #picknmix

  12. Becky says:

    This is such a brilliant idea and who doesn’t love a biscuit! Although these do look far superior to the digestives I have lurking at the back of my cupboard! #PicknMix

  13. RachelSwirl says:

    Ooo they look so fun!

  14. ohmummymia says:

    I’m a big fun! I love those snowball biscuits:)

  15. I love how quirky some of their biscuits are and such an original gift too

    Stevie xx

  16. Crummy mummy says:

    These look too pretty to eat – I definitely wouldn’t be able to bring myself to dunk one! #picknmix

  17. Maria says:

    I love how bright and colourful these are and a great alternative to the usual advent calendars! #PicknMix

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