A Pizza Express Ice Age Collision

All week I had been telling the boys that they were going to be getting a treat at the weekend. They tried to guess but didn’t get close and when I told them what we were going to be doing they squealed, jumping up and down with excitement and to be honest I was pretty excited too. We were going to London for a Pizza Express Ice Age experience. First for lunch at the Pizza Express Dean street Restaurant to sample the Ice Aged themed Picolo Menu. Then to watch the new Ice Age Collision Course film with a special screening at Twentieth Century Fox. 

Pizza Express Ice Age
Pizza Express Ice Age

On the train and tube in to central London I had two very excited boys who were keen to get to Pizza Express and eat some Pizza. On arrival I noticed that the restaurant on Dean Street turns into a Jazz Bar in the evening, future date spot. We were shown to our table and before they had even looked at what they could have they straight away started on the new Ice Age themed activity sheets using the crayola twistables provided on the table. My favourite activity on there was designing your own pizza. Finlay chose pepperoni, cheese, magic stars and tomatoes. A fantastic combination if you ask me. There is even a chance to win a family trip to Hollywood with a VIP tour of  the famous Fox Studios. The activity sheets kept them happily entertained till the food arrived. 

Pizza Express Ice Age

Pizza Express Ice Age

Pizza Express Ice Age

They both ate off the Picolo menu at £6.95 for 3 courses and a bambinocino it’s a good deal. They had dough balls to start and enjoyed dipping them in the garlic butter. I also opted for some dough balls Formaggio. They arrived warm and were delicious. 

Pizza Express Ice Age


Pizza Express Ice Age

Next for the main course they both went for the pepperoni pizza, their favourite which went down well. Being vegetarian myself I was pleased there was a variety to chose from. I went for the Margherita Bufala which was perfect for the hot weather, a thin base and Mediterranean taste. 

Pizza Express Ice Age

Pizza Express Ice Age

Finally it was desert time, their favourite of course. Kyle chose the Sundae and Finlay the Brownie.  Both came out with their Babycino. I was a bit full by this point and aware of the timings for watching the film, so instead of a desert I opted to try one of the new drinks off their summer specials menu, the Passionfruit Lemonade which was very refreshing. 

Pizza Express Ice Age

Pizza Express Ice Age

imageA quick walk walk around the corner to Twentieth Century Fox and we were greeted by  Sid and Scrat. The boys loved them although Finlay didn’t want to get up close for a picture at first. He did brave it once they were inside and came to see us all again but you can see by his face he still isn’t completely sure. Feeling very spoilt by this point we had drinks from the bar and sat down to a bag of popcorn each.  All being fans of the previous Ice Age films we were keen to see the new one and it didn’t disappoint. It’s pretty funny making me laugh out loud at points. Definitely something to do this summer with a trip to Pizza Express for the Ice Age themed activities of course. 

Pizza Express Ice Age

Pizza Express Ice Age

As its not very often I get to spend the day with just the boys we headed off to explore a bit more. China town, Leicester Square then ending up in Covent Garden for a Gelato. 

Pizza Express Ice Age

Pizza Express Ice Age

We we had such a lovely day. Thank you to Ruth and Katy for organising. 


Disclosure: We were invited to the Pizza Express Ice Age themed event to try the Picolo menu and watch Ice Age Collision Course. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


16 responses to “A Pizza Express Ice Age Collision”

  1. Ruth Davies says:

    Thank you for coming along and what a lovely review too. Your pics really paint a bright picture and I LOVE the look of those cheesey dough balls! 🙂

  2. Looks like you all had a great day out, I am sad that we couldn’t make it. We will definitely be heading to see the movie x

  3. Wow looks like a really good day out what more could you want ice age and what looks like really yummy food !! #picknmix

  4. Fab review! love the photos. My fav pizza is pepperoni as well.

  5. Sounds like you had a fab time. Pics look great and good looks amazing. Making me feel hungry. #picknmix

  6. What a great day out!! I love pizza express with the family, such a friendly place to eat! #picknmix

  7. Wow what a great day out! I love Pizza Express and it’s so good for families, the kids menu is really good value isn’t it. My son is bugging me to see Ice Age so I’m waiting for the next rainy day…can’t waste this sunshine! #picknmix P.S I really fancy pizza now!

  8. Ooh what a treat! We love a day out in London too. Pizza Express is the perfect spot for a family lunch, something for everyone on the menu, it’s making me hungry looking at your food shots! #picknmix

  9. Oh the food looks delicious! Sounds like you had a great day out, I’m hoping to take the boys to see the new ice age film over the holidays 🙂

    Stevie xx

  10. Happy Mummy says:

    Looks like you all had a great time 🙂 I love pizza express 🙂 #picknmix X

  11. lorraine says:

    This took me back, my teenager loved going for Pizza & Dough balls when he was young, now he’ll just about come out with us. Your photos are fab and we all love the Ice Age films they are so funny.

  12. Helena says:

    Oh I do love the dough balls and garlic but sadly that’s the only thing I’d eat on the Pizza Express menu. A dislike for tomatoes rules out a lot of things. I found the advert for Ice Age featuring the squirrel and the nut very funny. #PicknMix

  13. That looked like a really fun day out. The food looks yum. I’m looking forward to doing something similar with just me & the girls over the summer holiday. #PicknMix

  14. Maria says:

    Yum! My boys are massive fans of Pizza Express – this looked like a good day out. #PicknMix

  15. Crummy mummy says:

    What an amazing day out – BB would have loved this! We’re big Pizza Express fans in our house, and can’t wait to see the new Ice Age #picknmix

  16. Emma says:

    sounds fab! I haven’t been for ages to a pizza express but your write up makes me want to haha! my boy loves pepperoni pizza 🙂 #PicknMix

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