5 Sustainable Car Tyre Tips You Can Count On

We have recently had something of a collective wake-up call with the now-visible signs of climate change showing themselves in places as far apart as Australia, California and India. Raging wildfires, drastic changes to monsoon rains, and the noticeably diminishing ice-caps spell out an impending disaster should we not act decisively and quickly. People who drive but long to have green cred often feel guilty for the need for their car. But there are ways to mitigate the carbon footprint issued by your vehicle, and many of them are to do with your tyres. Let us take a look a five sustainable car tyre tips that you can count on to reduce your environmental impact.

5 Sustainable Car Tyre Tips

Recycle your Old Tyres

When you invest in a new set of tyres, have a conversation with your mechanic about what will happen to the old tyres. Ensure that they have a proven track record when it comes to recycling old tyres, so you can breathe easier, knowing that as your old tyres are stripped down and the materials re-used that you have prevented the need for those same materials to be found from new. The impact of recycling is often much greater than is realised – few people see the reduction in the acquisition of raw materials as it tends to happen in out-of-the-way places.

Invest in New Technology

When you can afford it, try to funnel funding or awareness towards modern greener alternatives to rubber. For example, on the tyre front, dandelion latex is rapidly becoming a front-runner as a sustainable and easily grown replacement for rubber. It is still in the experimental stage, but the results so far are excellent, with dandelion latex producing a rubber-like substance that seems to be admirably suited to use as tyres. Failing that, always ask for your new tyres to be made from sustainably produced rubber, grown on non-invasive plantations on land which was not strip cleared to make way for the plants.

Reduce Your Impact

By ensuring that your tyres are in excellent condition, properly inflated and precisely balanced and aligned you will be preventing your vehicle from suffering excess wear and tear. You will also reduce your fuel consumption as having your tyres in good nick makes the running of the car more efficient. As well as saving you money on fuel and repairs, this reduces the environmental impact of your driving – as well as making your tyres last longer, for a win-win situation!

Buy the Best You Can

When looking for new tyres, buy the best quality you can. Not only do high-quality tyres last longer, but they are also less likely to be more from poorly sourced rubber, nor will they shed pieces of rubber that can be harmful to wildlife and watercourses. The key point here is to find a reliable tyre garage with strong customer reviews. For example, if you are in a local area of Greater London – you can opt for a professional tyre fitter in your area with ethical practices and a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. One such place to get tyres in Buckinghamshire –is  Broadway Autocentres. You can book with them online or call here 01494 680914.

Drive Carefully

Drive at or just below the speed limit, avoid sudden stops and starts, and stick to well-maintained road whenever you can. These tips might seem rather dull, but it is a great way to ensure that your tyres last well, and it also reduces the emissions, fuel consumption and wear and tear on your car: all of which makes your drive that little bit greener.


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