Ten Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

Did you know that even the smallest change in your home and family life can make a big difference to the world around you? Especially when it comes to making more sustainable choices! If we all take a small step, the whole world makes a big leap. Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin but there are plenty of little changes you can make and steps that you can take to  make your home an eco-friendly place to be.

make your home more eco-friendly

Swap Paper For Cloth

We’re not referring to writing paper here. Paper towels are a staple item in the kitchen and toilet paper is a necessity for the bathroom. However, there are several options that you can use instead. If you don’t fancy going down the Family cloth route have a look instead at buying recycled toilet paper wrapped in paper rather than plastic. There will be options in your larger supermarkets, refill shops or look online. In the kitchen swap to reusable cloth wipes for cleaning and wiping up spills.

Use LED Bulbs

When it’s time to replace a lightbulb swap for LED bulbs. They use a fraction of the expense and LED bulbs heat up the home with 90% of the energy of the bulb given out as heat. It’s an excellent way to make the house more eco-friendly.

Look For Green Appliances

While we’re on the subject of saving energy while saving money, look out for low-energy appliances when it comes to upgrading. Our electricals make up to 30% of our energy bills, and you can improve your carbon footprint when you choose those with a better Energy Star Rating.

Don’t Forget Your Boiler

Regularly servicing your boiler is important. When your boiler goes wrong, it’s an urgent thing to fix. Without it you have no central heating and no hot water, so suddenly boiler installation becomes a top priority. There are a few things to think about when you need a new boiler, so this Bbright guide is designed to help you get on track, fast.

Reduce Household Plastics

It’s hard to buy food items these days that aren’t covered in some kind of plastic, but thankfully, conscientious supermarkets are reducing their plastic waste and are embracing paper bags and self-service. When it comes to storing and cooking food, where possible choose to use ceramics, glass storage containers or cardboard. But if you already have plastic containers that work for you, don’t rush out and buy all new plastic-free versions. It is better to continue using what you already have.

Collect The Rain

You can save water with water butts in the garden. These will collect the rainwater we get so much of and then you can use it for watering the plants, cleaning the car and growing those veggies.

Grow Your Own Veggies

Have a go at growing your own fruit and vegetables? There are so many options, whether you grown a few things in a small space in tubs, dig some beds out in your garden or get an allotment. Growing your own fruit and veggies is not only a great way to eat more fresh foods with less of an environmental impact. It’s also great for your mental health. Give it a go! 

Embrace The Cold Wash

You can wash on 30c and still get the same results. Give it a try! Turning down the heat on your washing is a quick and simple way to be more sustainable in your home. Check out what you are using to wash your clothes too and try to opt for sustainable brands and more natural cleaning products where possible. 

Add Insulation

A big part of losing energy in the home comes from not having adequate insulation to keep the place warm. You can add filler insulation to the walls and the loft, and you can hang heavier curtains, lay thick rugs and add draught excluders. It’s hard to stop the heat from being lost in the home, but if you ensure as much insulation as possible, you’re going to be able to save money and energy on your heating bills.


We all need to step away from the internet from time to time, but if you knew that it would help your home to be eco-friendly would you do it quicker? It’s not just the internet that we need to unplug from. Appliances, televisions, chargers – we plug them in and then leave them on all day long. Instead make sure everything is fully turned off when not in use, don’t leave them on standby and turn off the lights!

It’s never been easier than right now to make your home an environmentally friendly place to be. There are so many ways you can make easy changes as a family while saving money and making those steps that all add up to a big difference.  What changes are you going to make?

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  1. MotherGeek says:

    Love these ideas! I’d done most of them but will definitely pay more attention to how green any new appliances are.

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