Visit Lapland For A Magical Winter Family Holiday

Imagine the ‘crunch, crunch’ of snow underfoot as you walk excitedly together, hand in hand through a winter-white forest. The fairy lights twinkling in the distance and a tiny jingle of bells in the air as you see a small cottage nestled in the forest, home of the real Father Christmas! A trip to Lapland is firmly on our family travel bucket list. A once in a lifetime experience, creating family memories to last a lifetime.

If the thought of a day trip to Lapland, trying to squeeze a magical experience into a day doesn’t appeal, then have a look into a winter holiday instead. Slower and more relaxed with time to spend snuggling up with roaring fires whilst the snow falls outside. 

Lapland is a fantastic holiday destination throughout the year, but it becomes especially magical at Christmas time for both adults and children. The snowy landscape glistens and sparkles under the wintery light as you enter a winter wonderland unlike any other. Of course the main attraction and draw to visit Lapland near Christmas is to see the Real Father Christmas, however there are so many other activities you can experience which are popular north of the Arctic Circle.

How does a pack of Huskies taking you dog sledding, across snowy trails, searching for the Northern lights in a sleigh, having a winter picnic with hot chocolate and warm cookies around a fire, or meeting a traditional reindeer herder and helping him feed his animals sound? And that’s just a few activities that are on offer if you travel with Activities Abroad.

Activities to do in Lapland

See the Northern Lights

The breathtaking lights where the sky come alight with dancing curtains of colour, are a common feature of dark winter nights in regions of Lapland by the Arctic Circle. Take a sleigh ride together and cuddle up under fur blankets whilst you try to spot them. Children will love listening to some of the legends of the Northern Lights.

Stay in  a Log Cabin 

When you picture a winter holiday to Lapland, is there a snow snow-covered wooden cabin tucked amongst the trees,  smoke from the fire blowing from the chimney and a cosy, war, glow coming from the windows?

If you chose to stay in a log cabin you can experience a sense of escapism with your family. Some even come with their own saunas. 

Have Fun in the Snow

In Lapland, the snow falls from late November onwards, covering everything in a crisp even white layer which remains frozen until late March. Meaning there is plenty of snow for you to enjoy. What’s more, in Lapland they know how to cope with the snow without everything grinding to a halt. Instead it is embraced with cross country skis, snowshoes, snowmobiles and husky sleds.

Go Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a great family activity for those of all ages – Older children may be able to drive the sleds whilst the little ones and adults will sit tucked up in the sled where you can enjoy the thrill of watching the magical snowy, white world go by.

Ride on a Snowmobile

When it comes to exploring a snowy wilderness, travelling by snowmobile is one of the most exciting ways to do this! It offers you the chance to explore further afield and see more of Lapland. 

Children typically travel in a sled pulled by the guide’s snowmobile during safaris, tucked up with the other children for their own adventure. Parents will travel two people per snowmobile but in some cases it may be possible for children to share a snowmobile with their parents.

See Reindeer

Im sure you think of Reindeer when you think of Lapland, home of Santa. A trip to Lapland wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to see them up-close in their natural snowy environment.

The herders you will meet are usually Sámi, and so you can take the chance to learn more about this way of life, listen to their stories, see some of their handicrafts and experience what life is like as a reindeer herder.

With so many different activities to do in Lapland it really is an amazing winter holiday destination for all the family. A trip that will last a lifetime!






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