Keeping your kids safe and healthy during International Travels

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When travelling with children, or those under 15 years old, there are many things to consider. Not just how to keep them entertained during a long journey. If you are travelling further afield it’s important to consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic for advice. No matter how far you go, you will also need travel insurance to protect them and yourself from the risk of health issues whilst travelling.

Travelling by plane?

Air travel is generally safe for healthy children and infants. However, it’s recommended that you wait until your new-borns are around two weeks old before flying for health reasons and because some flights won’t allow new-borns to fly. Ear pain due to pressure change during landing is very common in children. You can bottle or breastfeed infants during this time to help. Older children can chew gum or be encouraged to yawn or swallow.

Travel Vaccines

There is generally a higher risk for most vaccine-preventable diseases when you travel abroad. Discuss with your health care provider whether your child’s routine vaccination schedule needs adjustment to ensure that they’re fully protected before travelling. Consult your health provider about any extra vaccines that you may need before you go. Most vaccines should be safe for breastfeeding mothers, but it is best to check with the health provider.


Try to avoid taking your children to areas with a risk of malaria because children are usually more prone to developing severe malaria. If you must, visit a travel healthcare provider to know if an antimalarial medication is available. Bring bug sprays and repellent lotions with you. And seek medical attention quickly if your child develops a fever when travelling with you.

Packing a travel medical kit

You should pack a travel medical kit that contains enough supplies for preventing illness and handling minor injuries such as a cuts, stings, or insect bites. It’s crucial to know what to do and where to go in case of a more severe illness or accident while out travelling. So check out where your nearest support will be. Traveller’s diarrhoea is actually more of a concern with children since they become dehydrated faster than adults. You can prevent it with oral rehydration solutions, upping fluid intake, and generally cooling yourself and the kids while out in the sun. Seek medical attention if your child has bloody diarrhoea or appears to be severely dehydrated. Has diarrhoea with a high fever, persistent vomiting, or does not improve despite using oral rehydration solutions.

Travel Insurance

While most of these things can be prevented or dealt with through planning or good treatment. It may cost you a lot of money if you or your child does get sick or experiences an accident that requires medical assistance.

You can lessen the financial and emotional blow by having insurance that will mostly pay the bills and provide other benefits. Check out online travel insurance plans by Chubb AU for a quick quotation based on your location and needs.  Never skimp on travel insurance. You’ll be glad you didn’t – for you and your children travelling with you.


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  1. Kristi says:

    Wow, I love the post. It is so informative. I never know a lot concerning traveling with kids but now I know everything. I especially like the travel insurance idea that most people never bother so much about. How often do you travel with your kids?

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