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Last year Christmas was hard, it should be an enjoyable time of year but it can be difficult to fully enjoy it when you have allergies. I didn’t know about free from advent calendars and Christmas treats. I had cut out dairy due to Ava reacting to it when I was feeding her. I then went on to have to cut out soya too. I couldn’t have my advent calendar or any chocolate treats and when we stayed at James’ Mums house her bowl full of chocolates tormented me! 

In the last year I have learnt a lot about allergy friendly foods and also discovered many products, companies and places to look to source alternatives. I wish I had know last year about the chocolate I could have had. I have put together a list of some free from advent calendars so that if you or a child of yours has allergies you won’t need to feel left out. 

I’m also going to do a post on allergy friendly selection boxes and treats with a competition allowing you a chance to win some. If you don’t want to miss the post make sure you sign up by entering your email in the box on the right.

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From T-B and L-R

  1. Plamil Organic Fairtrade Milky Dairy Free Advent Calendar £4.95 – This would be a good option for Severe allergies as it is ‘made in our own factory which never uses dairy, gluten or nuts.’ It is also free from Soya. 

  2. Hotel Chocolat – The Advent Calendar – Dark – £12.50 – Contains Soya Lecithin

  3. Choices Celtic Dairy Free Advent Calendar £4.49 – Contains Soya

  4. Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Advent Calendar £2.50 –  Contains Soya Lecithin


  1. Moo Free Dairy Free Organic Advent Calendar £4.99 – Soya Free
  2. Holland and Barrett Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar £3.99 – May contain Soya


I hope you enjoy!




2 responses to “Free From Advent Calendars 2015”

  1. Robyn says:

    Great list – Christmas can be such a tough time for people with dietary sensitivities, especially dairy. My favourite Christmas treats are all the ones filled with fresh cream! My little guy is sensitive to cows milk protein via breast milk but he’s down to half a feed before bed time so I think I may be able to enjoy pavlova this Christmas! I’m sure there’ll be many people who appreciate the leg work you’ve done to bring them these alternatives 🙂

  2. Alexandra /I'm Every Mum says:

    This is a great list Eilidh and I’m so grateful as I have many friends who struggle with this. I’ve shared around my Facebook for them. X thanks for posting

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