A Christmas Gift for parents – babysitting voucher

A babysitting voucher is a perfect gift idea for those parents who could use a little bit of ‘us’ time and lets be honest who doesn’t? The first year of having a baby is extra tough on a couple. It’s very easy to fall in to a routine of eat, sleep (if you are lucky), work, repeat. No raving anymore and definitely no quality time together, it can be quite a shock to the system. Parents of older children will know it doesn’t get any easier as they get bigger. Although you may not be as tied to endless evening cluster feeds, and begin to feel more human, you still have to find someone to look after them. It can be really difficult to have a night off together!

A night off pre Ava!

Now that Ava is getting bigger we have been making an effort to try and get out of the house and to keep the spark alive. A date night in is lovely but you can easily get caught up in checking in on social media, tidying up and then falling asleep on the sofa when trying to watch a film. A date at night or in the day out of the house is amazing, but does require planning and a willing babysitter that you know and trust. We have only left Ava with my Mum and Dad and feel bad for asking them to babysit for us as they already help out in the week when I am at work. A babysitting voucher from them in a card would take away that guilt of asking. It would also be great to receive one from someone who we wouldn’t otherwise like to ask, a close friend or another relative, hint, hint Aunty Carrie.

We were very lucky to experience a night off together thanks to Mamas and Papas and their MandPNightOff campaign. It was lovely to be able to choose a restaurant and shop for a nice outfit to wear. I wanted to make an effort as James is used to seeing me in my baby snot covered clothes in the evening or an attractive onsie. We chose a gorgeous top rated local restaurant, The Plough in Bolnhurst, that we had been keen to go to for a while. It felt just like our weekends together pre Ava, planning a night out together. Getting ready was a bit of a rush in between sorting out the kids and putting them to bed, but as soon as we were at the restaurant and I had a glass of Prosseco in my hand I started to relax.

a night off with #m&pnightoff babysitting voucher

The Plough at Bolnhurst was decorated beautifully for Christmas with roaring fires, candles and twinkly lights it was very romantic.

a night off with #m&pnightoff babysitting voucher

The food was delicious and James had the best steak he says he has ever had (think melt in your mouth). I have a funny video of him eating it, I would love to post it but he would kill me.

a night off with #m&pnightoff babysitting voucher

The wine was great and we even had a dessert wine matched to our chocolate souffle. The restaurant has a peaceful lake outside and you can sit out there with blankets that are provided. We did try it and it was lovely to be able to look up at the stars, but unfortunately it was so windy we didn’t last very long before retreating back inside.

a night off with #m&pnightoff babysitting voucher

We both lead such busy lives with James working away a lot so we don’t often have the chance to spend time focusing on us and not all the other stresses life throws at you. As this was a night off we made the effort to switch off our phones and talk about positive topics. Plans for our future and wishes for us and the children. It was also a chance for us to celebrate some things. James is doing fantastically in his career being invited to speak at the Golf Magazine Top 100 summit in Florida in January. I’ve been working my way up the blogging charts and I feel like I’m doing something positive by reaching out to other people living with allergies. I’ve also survived the first half term back at a new School teaching. The kids are all doing well and it’s nice to have a chance to sit back and think that actually despite feeling like we are constantly in a whirlwind we aren’t doing that bad.

Our night off was a magical, Christmassy night that left us both feeling like we had, had a chance to reconnect. Thank you to Mamas and Papas for our night, it really was a much needed treat. If you want to give someone a gift this Christmas that they will really appreciate, give the gift of babysitting!


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  1. Robyn says:

    What a great idea! Looks like a lovely night out you had, it sounds wonderful to be able to sit together and have a grown-up conversation about the big things in your lives. We haven’t been out without our boy since he was born 13 months ago, and I think a dinner out and a couple of drinks would benefit us greatly! My family all lives in another city, but we’re visiting them at Christmas, so maybe we could leave them in charge one night 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Ahhh what a lovely evening together. Glad you got the chance to do it and enjoy it together being spoiled at this time of year feels lovely doesn’t it hun? We did the MandPnightoff too its such a lovely idea. I really had a good night and it’s not often we have time to just be adults for a nice meal out. You look amazing lovely back then and now. Love that first photo what a great capture.

  3. I love your dress really suits you! Food looks great, prosseco looks even better! Great idea, I hope Father Christmas gives me a voucher, although I think I’d prefer a day off rather than a night off so I could get some housework and errands done! #PicknMix

  4. Its so important to find time to spend with you husband/partner isn’t it. My husband and I are always saying this yet we actually suck at it. I think we have had 3 evenings to ourselves in the whole of 2015. It’s something I want to make more of a priority in the new year. I am so glad you had a good time though – and chocolate soufflé! Yummy! #picknmix

  5. It looks like a great night out. 🙂 I know what you mean about feeling guilty to ask people to babysit – even when they offer! My mum and dad have our baby daughter one night a week now which gives us chance to go out or, more realistically, get some uninterrupted sleep. #picknmix

  6. I love this as a gift idea! Unfortunately all our family live too far away to make it really do-able, but maybe some nice friends will give it!
    We really need some quality time together, but it’s near impossible right now with Master J being so young still!
    Looks like you had a lovely night out.
    Thanks for hosting #picknmix

  7. Lady Nym says:

    What a lovely idea. I have received homemade voucher type presents before but only from my husband so that would be no good for going out with him! It sounds like you had a great time and I’m very envious!


  8. What a great idea and it looks as though you had a lovely evening – you look stunning! #picknmix

  9. Becster says:

    Love your photos – so pretty! Such a great idea as well…. luckily Nain & Taid will look after ours but I feel too guilty asking for a night off! Maybe over the Christmas hols!We most definitely need some “us” time. #PickNMix

  10. Sarah says:

    What a great idea & so simple too! Looks like you had a lovely evening – you’re very pretty!! #PicknMix

  11. Date nights are always a good idea, which reminds me I think Si and I are well over due one!

    Stevie xx

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