5 Outdoor Toys Gift Ideas

The weather is finally warming up and we are definitely looking forward to being able to get outside more. It feels like Spring has been in the air the last few days. Whether you are looking for some new outdoor toys or love being able to give an outdoor toys giftnow is a great time to get them as they can be used for all of the warmer weather this year. 

5 Alternative Outdoor Toys Gift Ideas

We have had great fun with the Live Butterfly Gardensets and have done them a couple of times now. The kids find it fascinating watching the caterpillars grow and change. The kit contains a reusable butterfly habitat, made of super clear mesh for better viewing that folds flat when not in use. A feeding pipette, activity guide and instructions, with a certificate voucher that you redeem to receive a set of five caterpillars (sent March to mid-September). It’s a lovely educational gift that kids of all ages will enjoy. Releasing the butterflies into the wild is always a real highlight!

We have an allotment and the kids love helping me out there so I know this set would be a great gift idea. The Grow It – Rainbow Vegkit contains everything you need to grow your own multi-coloured vegetables from the seeds to the compost discs. All you need to do is provide water. Included seeds are purple carrots, stripy tomatoes, yellow courgettes, red Brussel sprouts and multi-coloured chard seeds. A great gift to encourage a love of growing your own food.

The 100 Kids Activities – Scratch Off Bucket Listwould make a lovely, unique gift. The idea is that you challenge yourself as you set out to complete the brilliant list of fun things to do. There are activities like making a snowman, riding a skateboard and making suncatchers so plenty to keep you entertained in all weathers. You get to scratch the title off as you complete each one, unveiling a colourful tribute related to the feat they’ve proudly accomplished! A great poster to display in a bedroom and a fab boredom buster. 

A Pocket Kiteis a great little gift idea This fun and brightly coloured kite comes in its own handy little bag, complete with string and tail. The kite can be easily carried in a pocket, a picnic basket or simply stored in the boot of a car. Being able to fly a kite is a vital life skill, plus it makes a walk a lot more interesting. 

Or how about a pair of Walkie-Talkies perfect for outdoor adventures. This National Geographic kit is easy to use, with very clear reception and a range up to 6km in the open. Each handset is 12cm long with antenna and has a built-in flashlight for night time adventures and a microphone jack. Includes call alert and press-to-talk buttons, volume control and 8 different channels with an LED display. They even come with a handy belt clip for when they need both hands for climbing, building tree houses or crossing rivers. It’s a fab way to keep in touch whilst making outdoors fun more exciting.

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