Ava at 10 months

As I write this post, baby girl has turned 11 months old. So this is a retrospective post on her being 10th months.

At 10 months old Ava is still a smiley happy baby although she will now think before giving out smiles and likes to suss you out first. The boys are her biggest entertainment, making her giggle and she will follow them around crawling and with her walker. She also loves to make you giggle and will pull faces and play peekaboo to get a reaction. Ava knows what she wants and so do we as she communicates now by pointing and screeching. 

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Pulling a funny face to get a reaction

Pulling a funny face to get a reaction

She is a fearless explorer and loves climbing.

Almost disappearing in a ball pool!

Almost disappearing in a ball pool!

Exploring her dark tent.

Exploring her dark tent.


Ava has started taking steps this month! Only 1 or 2 but I wish she would slow down a bit. When she does something new part of me is so proud and excited and part of me is sad. She has also mastered walking with the walker. 

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In the last month she has got really good at standing independently and can now somehow stand up from the middle of the room without using anything to pull herself up. She will squat up and down which is funny to watch. 

Standing and kissing herself in the mirror!

Standing and kissing herself in the mirror!

Ava says the sounds Mama and Dada and I think she is now saying them at us. She also shakes her head for no, claps, points and puts her hands up to be picked up. 

I've finished and want out!

I’ve finished and want out!


Ava is still in a nice routine with her naps. She will go to sleep roughly 2 hours after getting up in the morning, usually around 9 and then again after lunch. She goes to sleep around 7 in the evening and wakes between 6-8. We tried night weaning with her which has hugely improved our nights sleep and instead of waking to feed 5/6 times a night it is now once and varies in time. She has done a few nights where she has slept 7-5!

Sleeping in the Tula at the airport

Sleeping in the Tula at the airport


Ava still loves her food and will happily feed herself and try most things you give her. She is eating three meals and snacks and has milk first thing, mid afternoon, bedtime and in the night. Her current favourites are blueberries, banana and par baked baguette.

Excited at the Paella on holiday

At Stowe happy to be eating!

At Stowe happy to be eating!

Reflux and allergies

Ava’s allergies are still pretty much the same, although she can now have banana which is amazing. We recently saw her allergy paediatrician who is happy with her weight gain and how she is doing and has arranged allergy tests for the beginning of Novemeber. We still take piriton with us when we go to places just incase. It’s getting a bit harder now to make sure she doesn’t pick up food that has been left lying around. The boys are really good and know to check before letting her eat something of theirs. When we go anywhere we have to be extra vigilant that she doesn’t pick up any food. Her reflux is still being treated with lanzoprazole and we still have the bad and good days although the sick is a lot less now. 


Ava had her first banana which doesn’t sound that exciting but to us it was. She reacted to pureed banana months ago so we had been avoiding it. She can now happily munch on a whole banana and loves them. It means that she can also eat a lot more foods now that are flavoured with banana and baking has become easier as banana can be used in place of eggs.

Ava went to her first festival. A little one in Northampton called the Umbrella Festival.

We have a tooth finally at 10 months! I can’t believe she didn’t get any till now. She was not happy the day it cut through and we all knew about it but apart from that she was fine. No sore bum or anything although I don’t know if that is to do with the reusable nappies that we use on her. 

Can’t forget to mention her first steps and clapping in here too 🙂


At just over 10 months she weighed 

Clothes size

Mostly 6-9 months.

It's so hard to capture first steps on camera!

It’s so hard to capture first steps on camera!

Just too cute!

Just too cute!


Enjoying the candles at Daddy’s Birthday meal

Cuddles with her biggest brother

Cuddles with her biggest brother

36 responses to “Ava at 10 months”

  1. I love these logs of little ones development…how lovely it will be to look back at. Ava is a cutie, she is the same age as our youngest daughter (11 months)…the first birthday is scarily iminent! They have a similar development too, clothes size, not sleeping through, only just cut first teeth. It was lovely to meet Ava through this link up, thanks for joining in with #coolmumclub x MMT

  2. Oh how cute is she! She’s only slightly older than my H, who has just turned 10 months. I can see they’re both interested in the same things, and trying to walk, being a big one of those! H just got her first too, and she too was a right grump. I loved reading about Ava, its a nice little insight into what the next month might hold for us 🙂 And lovely reading about her development. #coolmumclub

  3. sarah says:

    Ah bless I really loved this age, the almost 1 part, where they are starting to a few things themselves but are still all chubby and babyish! #PicknMix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      She;s changing every day at the moment. Still looks like a baby in her babygrow though 🙂 x

  4. Awww she is a gorgeous little lady, love the funny faces! Such a cutie 🙂


    Gemma xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thank you, she does love a funny face! x

  5. Jen says:

    Ava is absolutely gorgeous! Happy 11 months and I totally related to the excitement behind her first banana. My son’s evzema use to react to bananas at certain times even though that is not one of his true allergies. However, he just recently was able to start eating bananas and I don’t know who was more excited, him or us. Thanks for the idea of baking with banana instead of eggs! I never thought of that! Enjoyed the post ! #PickNMix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Yeah it works well in muffins and pancakes! Aww it’s great when they can have something and they enjoy it! x

  6. She is so gorgeous. Love reading updates as my little girl is only slightly younger than Ava. Can’t believe she’s already taking steps and standing up without help! Way to go Ava!! #picknmix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thanks! Aww wont be long then for your little one x

  7. Ava is so cute and is at one of my favourite ages. I have four children all much older than Ava now but I always remember being amazed each time at how much they develop between nearly one and two. It is such an incredible stage and it will be so lovely to look back on all your recording. I wish I had recorded more about mine. Thanks for hosting #PicknMix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I wish I had recorded the boys as they have all been different. I’m loving this stage she seems to be changing every day! x

  8. KRYSTLE COOK says:

    I miss that age. SO adorable and innocent. It’s great when they can’t talk back yet!

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I’m sure she will have lots to say when she can x

  9. There's always Time for tea says:

    What a cutie! xx

  10. I never did posts like this for Oliver, now I wish I had, I really loved those moments. Oliver took his first steps at 9 months so I understand the slow down feeling! It must be lovely seeing Ava grow out of an allergy so quickly too! #picknmix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      My middle boy took his first steps at 9 months it was a shock! I wish I had done this for them x

  11. Aw so lovely, first steps and first tooth! Lovely pictures and a greta way to record memories. Monkey is also allergic to eggs love the banana tip – not heard that before but will be trying it. Thank you for hosting #PickNMix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Oh is he, it’s a bit of a nightmare! She reacted the worst to egg, but then she hasn’t had dairy or soya herself only reacted to it through my milk. x

  12. Jessseeker says:

    What a gorgeous little lady you have – and Ava is my favourite girl name in the whole wide world! My son is just a few months older – and I too am loving this magical time of firsts.

    Well, apart from the first time he pooped on the carpet… But other than that… 😉


    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      haha! Has he tried to eat it yet? Now that is a first you wont forget! x

  13. Silly Mummy says:

    So cute and sounds like she’s doing brilliantly. #picknmix

  14. Chloe says:

    I love reading baby milestones and developments. It’s nice to look back and reminisce about where Evie was at. She was so similar to Ava at the stage, she got her first tooth then as well. She’s 18 months now and almost has them all though so it’s been a rough few months.

    I’m so happy you managed to feed her a banana. You must be so chuffed. Having allergies must be so, so difficult. Especially during the weaning stages when you’re having to try out lots of new foods.

    I think you’re going to have a walker on your hands in no time!! It’s so scary how quickly they develop into a little person isn’t it? She is such a cutie! The last photo of the two of them is beyond adorable. x

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thanks hun, can’t believe how quickly it’s going now. She’s started walking everywhere the last few days! It’s been hard weaning her, we know what she can and can’t have and haven’t really tried anything new for a while now. Poor Evie with all the teeth coming through! x

  15. Lady Nym says:

    Really nice photos and I bet you love being able to look back at these accounts of certain ages.


    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thank you, yes I re read her old ones and can’t believe how much she has changed. x

  16. Becster says:

    Aww she’s so cute! That little walker is great – our eldest loved it! But was quite dangerous with it – used to ram my feet a lot! And yay for being able to give her banana! #PickNMix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Being able to give her banana is fab! Yeah she is getting dangerous with it now! x

  17. Jenny Eaves says:

    Aww, well done Ava for her first steps! Love your Tula, I got our first Tula this week, Sly, which I love too! #picnmix 🙂 x

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I love the Tula, it gets used all the time, well worth the investment. Hope you are getting on ok with yours? x

  18. Ellie @ Hand Me Down Baby says:

    What a cutie! And what a lovely idea to keep track of her development like this.
    I wish I’d done something similar with my first, but maybe I’ll start now with Master J!

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I wish I had done it with the boys! I’m going to do a yearly one with them x

  19. MummyandMonkeys says:

    Thank you, yes I’m hoping she likes them when she is older. x

  20. Ava is such a cutie! I love the video with her big brother. I’m glad to hear that she’s sleeping better, my little boy’s sleep finally started to improve at 11 months and it made me feel like a new woman! #coolmumclub

  21. She is so cute! & You look incredible too! I know what you mean by wishing them to slow down. My 18 mths Evelyn actually falls down on purpose now. lol! #PicknMix

  22. Gorgeous photos, she’s such a cutie and growing so fast! I love this age when they’re just starting to toddle around, although everything suddenly has to go on a higher shelf 😉

    Stevie xx

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