Gratitude list #5

Every week I write a list of things that have made me happy, that I am grateful for. It helps me to appreciate the small things.

Grattitude list1. Back to School. Half term was lovely, but it’s nice to be back in a routine.

  1. Lighter evenings. Not only does it mean summer is on the way, but it means Ava isn’t in the car in the dark so we are having a lot less screaming.

  2. My Monday afternoon and Friday with Finlay. I’m loving spending time with him and making the most of it before School in September.

  3. James for getting me a Chrome Book. I love it and it’s super fast.

  4. My stretchy wrap. Ava loves being in it on the School run and smiles at everyone.

  5. Watching and listening to Ava trying to blow raspberries.

  6. Friends. Being able to meet up for lunch with old School friends.

  7. Cuddles with my boys and Ava. A weekly feature but this week I’m adding in cuddles with James.

  8. Almond milk meaning I can still have a flavoured latte, even if it is only at home.

  9. Yum Yums! A donut fix that is dairy and soya free!


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  1. This is a great idea. I’m going to do this too. I feel like right now dealing with PPD I need to do this daily to remind myself of the beautiful things in life. Thanks for the inspiration!

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