March Bucket List

Looking at my Bucket list for February there are quite a few I need to carry forward to March! I did manage to do a few though.

Things for my blog

Things for me                                                                                                


I’m quite pleased with what I have managed to do.

march bucket list

Here is my bucket list for March.

Things for my blog

Things for me  


What’s on your Bucket list for March?

17 responses to “March Bucket List”

  1. Jess says:

    Great bucket list 🙂 hope you achieve what you want x

  2. Great list! Good luck with it, sounds like you are going to have a very busy March =D

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thanks, hopefully I get through it all! X

  3. Great monthly bucket list for March, wishing you all the very best with it!xx

  4. I really need to start meal planning again, I’m so organized with my blogging now, but everything else is a lot less ordered than it was! #monthlybucketlist
    Stevie x

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      It’s made a huge difference this week as when I have a few minutes I know exactly what we are having so I can start preparing stuff x

  5. MummyandMonkeys says:

    Thanks so much, I will check I’m following you too x

  6. I’ve liked your FB& sledging looks lots of fun even with a camera shy Ava! Hope you manage a bit of you time, I know how hard that can be when BF though and a date night too. I need to sell lots of clothes too but can’t bear to part with them!!
    Thanks so much for linking up lovely xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I think the clothes will end up being on next months too. I’ve taken pictures but can’t bring myself to list them. Thanks for liking my facebook page and watching the video xx

  7. Mummy Melton says:

    Great list!! Lots to keep you busy xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thanks, I think it will, maybe too busy lol x

  8. Oh I love that you have separated it out into different areas! I should do that. (I am a geek I admit it)

    Feel free to post any meal plan ideas, I am out of inspiration though starting again!!xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I’m totally geeky with stuff like that, maybe it’s the teacher in me. It definitely helps me to think of things and to do them. I might start a meal plan post, good idea x

  9. The L's Mum says:

    What a fab list of goals for this month and they all sound really achievable.. It also sounds like you did really well with your february goals.
    I love how you have set yourself different goals for your blog and family life, I perhaps will do something similar next month as I like the idea of things being so specific, and because I love lists haha.
    I can relate to the beauty regime goal, I am so lazy with my skincare and I know i need to improve it, also cooking a new recipe, I have so many cookbooks but I find I make us the same things.
    I have linked up my list for the first time this month.

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. I find things easier to think of and do when I separate them like that. My brain is a jumbles mess otherwise. The lazy skincare thing, I’m glad it’s not just me. It’s the last thing you want to do when you’re really tired at night. Heading over to look at yours now x

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