Tips for Buying the Best Wedding Anniversary Gift 

Your wedding anniversaries are an excellent opportunity to remind your partner how much you care about them, and how well you know them. Each year, you can celebrate your relationship again, with new gifts and experiences that you can add to your treasured list of beloved memories. The question is, how do you know you’re buying the best wedding anniversary gifts? 

Some people keep things easy by sticking to the traditional symbols for each year. It’s sometimes much easier to narrow down the options that you have for gifts when you’re focusing on a theme like paper for the first year. However, you don’t always have to go with this standard option. Here are some great tips to guide you on buying better wedding anniversary presents 

Focus on Your Relationship 

A wedding anniversary, much like valentines day, is a chance to get nostalgic and meaningful with your gifts. You need to think about your other half, and what makes your relationship so special. You might decide, for instance, that on your first wedding anniversary, you’ll give your partner a framed love note that you wrote her on your first date together, or a framed copy of your vows. This combines your memories together with the traditional gift of paper.  

Alternatively, you might decide to ignore the traditions entirely and get something that’s special to the two of you. For instance, you could have a flower from your wife’s bouquet encased in glass, and give her that on your wedding anniversary, or book a meal at the restaurant where you originally proposed. Think about your relationship and your most memorable moments together and use that as inspiration. 

Show You Know Your Other Half 

You and your partner know each other better than anyone else in the world. That’s what makes you such a good team. An anniversary is an opportunity to show your partner just how well you know them. If you want to use traditional gifts as a guideline, then you caneven if they have everything already. For instance, for the third anniversary and the leather gift, you could get your spouse a leather-bound version of their favourite book. For the fifth anniversary and wood, you might get a hand-carved sculpture for your art-loving other half.  

If you want to ignore the traditions, then focus exclusively on what your partner likes most. Show them that you remember their favourite meal by cooking it for them, then taking them out on a wonderful night filled with experiences that you know the other person will love. You could even go for a huge surprise by learning how to dance so you can take your partner on a dancing date like the ones she’s always talked about wanting to go on. 

Choose a Theme Together 

 A lot of couples stick with the traditional themes that they know best when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. After all, there’s plenty of inspiration available in the form of classic flowers, traditional gemstones, and so much more. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing as everyone else. If you’ve always been a less conventional couple, why not create your own themes instead. Your first year of wedded bliss could be a year that you celebrate with music, creating mixed tapes and songs for each other. 

Your fifth year wedding anniversary might be a day that you celebrate with the theme of food because both of you love indulging in delicious meals and high-shelf ingredients. This is an opportunity to sit down and think about the things that are going to be most meaningful to you. Remember, every year is another opportunity to create memories for your scrapbook. You don’t need to be the same as everyone else.  

Remember This Day is About You 

Ultimately, a wedding anniversary is a fun way to celebrate your love for another person, and the time you’ve spent bound together in marriage. However, there are no rules on what you have to do with your gifts and celebrations. You can always take the opportunity to celebrate in a style that’s unique to the two of you. Why not decide in advance what you’re going to do with your wedding anniversary each year? Maybe you’ll celebrate with an entire weekend each year.  

Perhaps you’ll cook each other a fancy meal each year and accompany that moment together with a gift-giving experience where you both by gifts according to a specific budget. The options are endless.  


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