Huge Sources Of Stress For Your Children

September 9, 2019

Many parents believe their children have very little to worry about. While we know our kids get upset over things, like arguments with their friends, we wouldn’t describe them as stressed. We like to think that stress is an adult emotion, reserved for household chores, miserable jobs, and growing debts. However, just like us grownups, kids have their own worries to face. To keep your children healthy and happy, here are six sources of stress you have to help them manage.

Newly Born Sibling

Families are often made up of more than one child, which means it’s likely that your little one will gain a new brother or sister in the future. This can cause a great deal of worry for kids, as they will have to share your time and attention. To ease your child into the idea of a new baby, you should give them plenty of notice. It also helps to talk about the benefits of having a sibling.

Fighting Between Parents

No child enjoys hearing their parents fighting, especially if they know of divorced couples. They may worry that you will split up too, which is a very scary prospect, regardless of their age. When possible, you should keep disagreements away from little ears and avoid getting the kids involved. If you can’t work out your issues by yourselves, then try seeking professional advice. 

High Academic Pressures

Just like our jobs cause us stress, school will put pressure on your children. While some kids certainly worry less about school than others, there are plenty that work themselves too hard. If your children stay up all hours doing homework and studying, then you have to step in. While it’s important that your kids keep their grades up, they must also get plenty of sleep and have fun.

Dealing With Pain

Recognising the symptoms of pain in children can be difficult. After all, a lot of kids do tend to overreact. Thankfully, there are several signs that you can look out for. If your child is rubbing their jaw, for example, this suggests they have a toothache. Rather than ignore it, you should head to an emergency dentist. Crying and changes in sleep habits are also warning signs. 

Loved One’s Passing

While physical pain is stressful, emotional pain can be just as traumatic. Whether it be a close family member or a beloved pet, no child wants to lose someone they love. This is a confusing experience for anyone, especially young kids. There is no easy way to ease your child’s pain, but you can be there for them. Showing that you’re not going anywhere is very important. 

Moving Somewhere New

Routine and structure make children feel secure. When moving house, the comfort of normality is taken away, which is why many kids struggle with the change. To make the process easier for your little ones, you must give them time to get used to the idea. This means letting them know as soon as you can. Helping them to say goodbye to their old friends will ease the transition too.

Stress affects kids as much as it does adults, so help your children overcome their worries with the advice above.

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