Simple parenting hacks that work

April 16, 2016

If you’re a modern, somewhat tech-savvy, parent who spends some time online, chances are, you’ve read . If you did, then it’s entirely possible you know that used tea bags that are chilled can work well against muscle soreness or how ice can quickly remove chewing gum out of your kid’s hair or clothes.

Life hacks, or parenting hacks as most parents call them, are nothing more than smart little tricks that people do to manage day-to-day activities easily and productively. In other words, they’re there to give parents more time in doing more important activities, playing with your children or helping to do their homework, instead of spending most of the day tidying or in the kitchen.

simple parenting hacks that work

The current refugee crisis makes us all to aware of how lucky we are. That our kids don’t have to  instead of their parents. So if you’re a parent whose work is slowly overtaking the time that’s supposed to be spent with your kids, try doing these simple parenting hacks so you can spend more of your time with them and ensure your relationship is as strong as ever.

on Sunday night and freeze them in an airtight container. Every morning, put a sandwich in your child’s lunchbox frozen. By lunchtime, the sandwich will be completely defrosted.

– If you have lots of gloves for your young one, try to sew a long piece of thread or elastic to each glove and then string them together so that you’d never have a hard time finding the right pair. If you thread them through your child’s coat it’s also harder for them to lose them.

– Put scotch tape on an electric outlet as a quick solution to baby-proofing. This is very useful in case you need to travel away for a few days with your baby.

– When you have playful toddlers at home, put a bathrobe over your clothes until you walk out of the house to avoid any stains your children may make on them.

– Take an empty box, fill it with used plastic bags, and put in inside your car so you will always have a tool to clean up mess.

– Let your baby play on a huge blanket. That way, when he or she is done, you can easily pick up the toys and clean up the mess.

– Get things ready the night before so that you aren’t in a rush and stressed in the morning. Lying out School uniforms and outfits for the day means the kids can get ready without needing your help.

Do you have parenting hacks of your own? 



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