Snacking on the go with Organix Punk’d + WIN

My boys at 6 and 9 eat so much and are always hungry and I mean always! The 6 year old even manages to claim he is hungry five minutes after eating two Weetabix! I have no idea how I am going to be able to afford to feed them in a few years. To try and cut down the costs when we go out for the day, I always make sure I take a large bottle of water each and then a range of different healthy snacks. On a recent trip to Stowe Gardens, half way around it was definitely snack time. Think ‘hangry’ children! I whipped out the Organix Punk’d bars and they were so popular all four were devoured within minutes. 

Snacking on the go with Organix Punk'd

Eating all four at once wasn’t part of my plan, but Ava wanted in on the snacking action too. Being the good big brothers that they are, the boys were happy to share some of their Punk’d bars with her. I think we found a pretty nice spot for a snack stop!

Stowe Gardens is such a beautiful place, you can walk and explore for hours. 

Win 2 boxes of Organix Punk’d Bars, 1 of each flavour

We have been a fan of Organix snacks since Kyle was little, so almost 10 years. Ava enjoys quite a few of the toddler range as they are dairy free and so suitable for her allergies. The cereal bars are one of her firm favourites but the boys think of them as toddler snacks. I’m not sure that Kyle would be happy with one in his lunch box! The Punkd bars definitely appeal to them more. With a bright design and fuller flavours they are great for older kids. Still with the same short list of ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or added salt and packed with oats and fruit they are fab for healthy snacking on the go.

The Organix Punk’d bars come in two flavours ‘Strawberry and vanilla smash’ and ‘Cocoa and orange crash’.

You can enter to win 1 box of each flavour of the Organix Punk’d bars below. There will be two winners. Good luck.

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19 responses to “Snacking on the go with Organix Punk’d + WIN”

  1. Solange says:

    Nuts, popcorn, crisps and energy bars.

  2. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Mine are popcorn and muesli bars
    I’d say they’d beg to differ and say chocolate

  3. Ren Taylor says:

    usually crisps unfortunately lol x

  4. bex allum says:

    Ricecakes and dip.

  5. Bob Clark says:

    Asda’s version of nutrigrain bars

  6. Sarah Mackay says:

    It would probably be rice cakes

  7. stuart hargreaves says:

    I have got them eating plain nuts

  8. Jo Carroll says:

    Definitely nuts…it’s something I’d avoid with younger children but they’re are so packed with protein and energy it’s a nice snack boost for older kids. x

  9. amy bondoc says:

    nuts and seeds, my daughter loves them

  10. Iris W says:

    Mine love nuts and seeds and often eat an apple or banana when they come home from school

  11. Kim Neville says:

    Blueberries and raspberries

  12. maria says:

    go ahead yoghurt bisciots are great

  13. Naila says:

    Favourite on the go snack for older kids would be dried fruits and nuts 🙂

  14. Rich Tyler says:


  15. Patricia Avery says:

    My grandchildren love a handful of nuts 🙂

  16. Andrea A says:

    My favourite on the go snack for older kids is a handful of cereal like cheerios.

  17. Catherine Gregory says:


  18. Natalie Crossan says:

    my daughter loves the go ahead yoghurt bars for a snack xxx

  19. Hummus and carrot sticks!

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