The Issues Facing Your Relationship When You Both Have Kids (& How To Handle Them)

October 26, 2018

When you’re a single parent, there’s a good chance that your next relationship will be with another single parent. Aside from the fact that you’re likely to frequent the same places, the emotional common ground is sure to bring you closer together. While this lays the foundations for a happy bond, you must not ignore the challenges facing your blossoming love.


There are a number of issues that you’ll encounter as the relationship becomes more serious. Focus on the following five and you won’t go far wrong.

Introducing New Step-Siblings


While they might not be classified as step brothers and sisters until your relationship reaches the point of marriage, you’ll want the kids to get on. It’s very difficult to survive as a family if the children don’t get along. After all, no matter how hard you try, each parent will naturally side with their child when disagreements surface. Make those early interactions enjoyable, and the kids will soon get along. Get through that first stage, and they can learn to become best friends.

Handling Your Respective Ex’s


Not all ex-partners will be jealous or want to make life difficult, especially if you separated on OK terms. However, there’s a good chance that at least one of you will face this issue. Meeting with your partner’s ex can be daunting, but is an ideal way to prove that you’re not there to replace them as a new mum or dad. Most importantly, you must avoid making negative remarks in front of your stepchildren. After all, they’ll naturally side with their biological parent.

 Combining Two Families Into One Happy Home


Moving in together is a big step for any couple, but is greater still when kids are involved. If space is tight, you’ll need to find a way of ensuring that everyone has their personal havens. Meanwhile, it’s equally important to think about the simple daily tasks such as mealtimes and bathroom routines. It’ll take a little trial and error to overcome those hurdles. Once you do, however, there’s no doubt that the transition into living as one big family will be a lot simpler.

Taking Financial Precautions


If your relationship has reached the point where you’re getting married, it’s vital that you think about prenuptial agreements. This is alongside other financial elements. It’s hardly the most romantic element of the process, but you need to protect your child(ren) as well as yourself. Family law solicitors make this assignment far less stressful for both of you. In turn, this can allow you to refocus your attentions on the big day and creating the best life for your family.   

 Finding Time For Romance


With so many other issues to consider, it’s very easy to forget about yourselves. Sadly, this is the worst thing you could ever do. It’s imperative that you find time for each other, even if it’s only through home date ideas. Failure to celebrate each other could leave the relationship feeling stale before you’ve even had a chance to show that you are ready for the long haul. For the sake of yourselves as well as the kids, it’s vital that you put this right ASAP.

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