Liked and Loved in March

I’ve been meaning to do a liked and loved post every month this year, but I haven’t done very well with it! March is always a more favourite month of mine as Spring arrives and flip flop wearing becomes a not so distant dream.

March has flown by. I can’t believe we are going to be in April already next week! 

Here are some of the things we have liked and loved in March.


this picture! Taken on the beach just after James had proposed and I had semi stopped the hysterical laughter, crying thing I was doing! Which I then continued to do for the next few hours you can’t fake that smile on my face and nope I’m not bored of talking about it yet, #sorrynotsorry In other news, I got to sit and have a coffee ☕️ today whilst watching James take Ava and his little boy swimming I’m not allowed to swim at the moment after having the Lletz done so it does have some bonuses!

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I tried to get a nice picture of Ava yesterday with some flowers ☀️ yey for Spring! But she decides she wants to try and pick them all right outside someone’s house So I had to quickly try and get her interested in something else before she got caught. You can see the little flower ruiner in action if you look closely Does anyone else’s toddler do this? I can’t wait to make daisy chains with her this summer

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There was too much toddler cuteness before 7:30am this morning First she wakes up and gives me a big cuddle and kiss. Then she steals a dinosaur from the boys room and tells us she wants to brush her teeth. The dinosaur apparently needed his teeth brushing too. Her little happy face is what kept me going today at work. It’s been a LONG day and I couldn’t wait to get home kids are now all asleep and I’m about to run a bath read a new book and take a glass of prosecco with me! I totally deserve after working solid the last few days. Yesterday I left the house at 7:30, worked through lunch. Got home at 6. Put the kids to bed at 7, then worked till 11:30!

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Oh how I love this little girl! And loved the weather yesterday too. How beautiful was it? We had a lovely morning at the country park throwing sticks in the water! I can’t wait for summer! I’ve been a bit quiet on here the past few days. Feeling a bit like I don’t have anything good enough or interesting enough to post on here I think. But I’m back, for now anyway!

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I caught this photo of Ava and James last week I love sneaking up and taking a photo when no one notices and capturing a moment! She had decided she wanted to wear her fairy costume that morning and the only way we could coax her out of it to go to the park was with another tutu style dress. I just love it with her wellies! I took the boys to get their haircut after school today and it was so stressful. There was a really long wait and Ava was making it known she wasn’t too happy about it I’m pretty glad that event is over now!

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Today we made a big start on the packing which I have been dreading the playroom is pretty much done which I think will be the worst (apart from the garage) I’m exhausted now! Watching Ava at bath time was a nice relax! Just cooking a chilli and then I’m going to collapse on the sofa for the evening

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My three babies today They may drive me completely mad at points BUT they are my World My day has been a bit odd with James being away. I definitely haven’t had a lie in breakfast in bed or any time off to even go to the toilet in peace! I did have a lovely trip to Stanwick lakes with them though and I saw my Mum too when they are all eventually asleep (the clock change is currently not my friend ⏰) I’m going to treat myself to a shower and an early night

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I just can’t get enough of yellow again at the moment Still loving Spring! Also loving my @pulp_wine subscription box I tried the Sauvignon blanc when I got in from work and it was good! I’m no wine buff so the online lessons have been really interesting. If you want to check it out (link in bio) I have a 50% off code!

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I’ve been feeling about myself for a while now. I couldn’t exercise ‍♀️for ages after the op for my ectopic in December. Then I’ve not been able to since the Lletz. But that was 4 weeks ago today so I’m now starting gently. I’ve been trying to walk more ‍♀️and the warmer, lighter weather is definitely helping with that. I’m starting the #bbworkout BUT right from the beginning and also going to do the Piyo from beach body as I love Pilates and yoga so it sounds right up my street. I’m eating healthier (again) and I decided to give the 5:2 diet a go this week. I did it a few years ago to shift a few stubborn pounds and so I’m doing it again to shift the few I’ve put on being inactive. I’m on a fasting day today and sat drinking a green tea whilst giving the kids their dinner (that was tough) but the green tea wasn’t as bad as I remember it being. I am hungry now though and looking forward to my soup for dinner!

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I can’t wait to see what we like and love in April!

3 responses to “Liked and Loved in March”

  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Awwww wow congrats on the engagement! Such an exciting and fabulous month of wedding plans and spring all arriving together x

  2. Soooo happy for you about the engagement, I know you really didn’t expect it to happen and yay to getting to organise a wedding! Glad you’ve had such a great month lovely and all your photos are just gorgeous 🙂

    Stevie xx #LikedandLoved

  3. I don’t think anything can beat you getting engaged, such lovely news and I’m so happy for you. I miss sleepy cuddles, they only happen now if Holly is poorly, which is a bitter sweet moment x #LikedandLoved

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