Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags – An Easy Christmas Craft

These super cute thumbprint Reindeer gift tags are easy to make and add a touch of handmade thoughtfulness to your Christmas wrapping. I’ve made Reindeer family thumbprint cards before which is where I got the idea from. I haven’t blogged it yet, however the lovely Mel has if you wanted to checkout how to make them too

You Will Need

Gift Tags (I got mine from The Works)

Brown paint

Red paint

A paintbrush

Black pen 

Blu Stick*

Glitter for decorations (opt for eco glitter if you can)

What To Do

Find a thumb. Ava wasn’t playing ball last night so Kyle stepped in! Paint the thumb with brown paint and then press carefully on to the gift tag.

Wait for it to dry then add a little dab of red paint for the nose. You can also do black if you want to mix it up a bit.

You then draw on the reindeer eyes and antlers with a black pen. Placing the eyes in different places gives the Reindeer a different look. I prefer them to the side, like this one below. 

You can leave it here or add some more decoration. 

To make one like this just add the words Merry Xmas (we ran out of room for Christmas!) and some red sparkly stars.

For the glitter stripe at the bottom put a line of glue on to the gift tag, using a Blu Stick* is easy. Then choose your glitter and sprinkle over the top. Tap to get rid of the loose glitter.

TIP (If you do this on top of a piece of paper you can easily put the discarded glitter back into the pot!)

You can really make these thumbprint Reindeer gift tags your own. With different shaped tags you could even turn them into Tree decorations. 

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Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags. A simple Christmas craft to d with kids.


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