How to refresh your garden during the winter

I think by now you know how much I like spending time in the garden, growing my own veggies and just enjoying everything that nature gives us. However, when the cold weather shows up, I’m not as fond of being outside which means my outdoor space can become not be as loved as it should.

This year will be different though. I’m set on giving my garden as much attention as I can during the colder months and taking good care of it, no matter the weather. I’ll put on my wellies, a big winter coat and make my garden look great all-year-round – it’s decided! I’ve been looking at different ways to uplift outdoor spaces before winter starts and thought of sharing them with you, so we can all work towards having a fabulous garden space now and during the winter too.

Improve garden safety

Safety is an important part of any outdoor space. Your garden is a part of your home, so it should be given as much thought as any other room in your home. Have you recently had a look at your garden shed or your garden gate? With the changing weather conditions, the ironmongery of these parts of your garden can get rusty and stop working as it should.

Ironmongery Experts, family-run UK ironmongery business, recommends upgrading your garden gate ironmongery and garden shed ironmongery. This includes door hinges, door locks, door bolts and more. Ironmongery Experts stock T hinges, a variety of other door hinges and a wide selection of ironmongery products for your home and your outdoor space.

Ironmongery is truly important to any outdoor or indoor space. It’s actually quite incredible the importance that these little details have in our daily life. We use them every day and need them to be able to operate doors, windows… you name it. However, we only pay attention to them when they stop working – true or false? Unfortunately, I think it’s true. So, as Stylish London Living comments, “it’s important to give these details some thought and appreciation.”

Put out feeders for wildlife

Country File recommends thinking about the wildlife during the cold months. “Birds will appreciate nuts, seeds and fat balls left out for them this winter. Remember to freshen up water regularly and ensure it doesn’t freeze over. Keeping an area of your garden untidy, with a pile of logs and fallen leaves, makes a perfect hedgehog house.”

Sweep up the leaves

Want to enrich your garden’s soil while making it look clean and tidy? This article on Ideal Home suggests sweeping up leaves and turning them into leaf mould. Leaf mould might take a couple of years to make but when it’s done, you’ll have a “great weed-suppressing mulch” perfect for “soil conditioning and making composts.”

Protect outside water taps

During frosty weather, pipes can burst and taps can become damaged. So, it’s essential to protect any outside water taps that you might have. National Trust recommend draining outside taps and isolating them if you can. In case you can’t isolate water taps, then insulate exposed pipes and fit a tap cover.

What else do you do to refresh your garden during the colder months?

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