Boudavida Activewear helping me feel more confident in the gym + Giveaway

October 30, 2017

Who has rummaged in the back of their drawer for gym kit, to pull it out and realise just how old it is? I used to spend loads on gym kit and loved buying stuff for the gym, but over the years, 3 children later, I thought my gym days were probably over. When I started working out from home months ago now, it didn’t matter that I was wearing some old gym leggings (ok, very old) and whatever top I didn’t mind getting sweaty in. But once I had built back up my confidence and started back at the gym, I realised I was in pretty desperate need of some new gym kit. Squatting in old yoga pants isn’t very wise! Also when you exercise most days, you go through a lot of kit and I was using not having enough as an excuse to miss a day.

I really did think my gym days were over, however I am now loving regular exercise. I still do a couple of workouts from home a week but I head to the gym for leg day to use the weights. Something I wouldn’t have thought I would be comfortable with. Having some nice gym gear really makes a difference. It’s also great to wear to do the School run in on this mornings where I drop the kids off first. I will even admit to going for a quick coffee before pre school, pick up instead of the gym, but shhhhh!

Boudavida recently sent me some gorgeous new kit to try out. 

Boudavida are a sports and activewear company with a difference. They don’t just want to sell kit, they want to bring fashion and function together to create clothing that makes women feel good about their bodies and inspire them to get active. Boudavida also donate 5% of every sale back into projects that support women’s and girls’ sport. 

I was sent a pair of Zoom leggings in leaf print. With a striking Boudavida branded waistband, mesh panelling and high waisted design, fashion and function are united. I can confirm they are also squat proof. 

I was also sent a Pow Tank in Granite. A relaxed, longline vest style with dropped armholes, which hangs lower on the body to give a highly flattering shape. Fast-drying and moisture-wicking for superior textile performance while you exercise. I decided to layer it over a pretty purple crop top that I already have. 

Both items fit well and feel comfortable. The top is really soft and airy but also a flattering shape. The leggings seem to hold you in, in all the right places. I particularly like the mesh detail panelling at the back of the leggings. The kit is definitely stylish and vibrant and I felt more up to date in the gym!

These Boudavida gym clothes aren’t cheap, but they are good quality and I think you will get a lot of wear out of them. Also speaking from experience, cheap gym leggings are not your friend if you squat! They go see through! I definitely think you need to invest in a pair of decent leggings and high waisted ones are also fab for a Mum tum! 

Both the leggings and top come in sizes 8-18. They retail at £72 for the leggings and £55 for the top.


If you fancy trying out some of Boudavida’s range you can enter to win a super comfy Cwtch hoody (RRP £75)  in your choice of either granite or cloud and a Boudavida water bottle (RRP £18). Good luck!

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62 responses to “Boudavida Activewear helping me feel more confident in the gym + Giveaway”

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    cloud please!

  2. andrea duffell says:

    Granite ❤

  3. amy bondoc says:

    the grey is my favourite 🙂


    The granite is our choice

  5. Charlotte Pashley-Foy says:

    I’d love granite 🙂

  6. Claire Simpson says:

    The granite

  7. Rena Plumridge says:

    Grey is nice

  8. lisa evans says:

    Granite is lovely

  9. gemma blake says:

    I would love the granite please!

  10. ashleigh allan says:

    Granite please

  11. Solange says:

    I’d love granite.

  12. ashley perez says:

    Love granite! 🙂

  13. Sidrah Ahmed says:

    I would like granite please

  14. Debbie Gilbert says:

    granite is my choice

  15. Claire W says:

    I would choose cloud thank you for the chance!

  16. Rhia says:

    Granite…. these look like gorgeous garments, but a bit out of my price range for something I’m going to sweat and suffer in!

  17. Lyndsey Cooksey says:

    Cloud is lovely!

  18. Sanam Ali says:

    I like the Granite

  19. cheryl hadfield says:

    love the cloud print

  20. Natalie White says:

    I really like the granite! I know how you feel – I feel so awkward and self-conscious in the gym!

  21. jules eley says:


  22. sarah m says:

    Granite please!

  23. Jo Carroll says:

    I would go for the Granite look I think. x

  24. Iris W says:

    I would choose the granite one

  25. Rich Tyler says:

    Granite please 🙂

  26. Gemma Massey says:

    I love the granite so that’s my favourite choice thanks for the chance

  27. Carole Nott says:

    The granite colour looks lovely thanks

  28. Kim Neville says:

    I like the granite thanks

  29. Kat Allinson says:

    I love the Cloud

  30. tina Glover says:

    love the granite colour….Ive just started outdoor running 6 weeks ago and its motivated me to start doing more in the gym too so a refesh of my gym wear would be fab

  31. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I think it has to be the cloud

  32. Lesley Bain says:

    Granite 🙂

  33. Sarah Wilson says:

    Cloud – it’s gorgeous!

  34. lorraine kirk says:

    I like the Granite Grey colour the most 🙂

  35. francis lee says:

    the Granite looks great so I would choose this one

  36. Jessica Barber says:

    I love the Granite colour! Thanks for hosting a fab giveaway!

  37. Anneka Avery says:

    It had to be Granite! But the cloud is also very nice! The leggings they sent you are to die for aswell

  38. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Granite Grey is my fave!

  39. Linda Curtis says:

    i think i would go with the granite

  40. ellie spider says:

    I’d go with granite – fab giveaway I always feel self conscious in the gym

  41. paula cheadle says:

    granite please

  42. Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    love the Granite

  43. Rachael Sexey says:


  44. Sam Parkes says:

    Love the granite

  45. Eva Trelfa says:

    Granite please 🙂

  46. Melissa Lee says:

    I love the granite colour

  47. Tracy Gladman says:

    The Granite colour as it will go with lots of other items.

  48. Ray Becker says:


  49. Lucy fallon says:


  50. Gillian McClelland says:

    I like the granite grey

  51. Simone Griffin says:

    Granite please x

  52. Eve H Ogden says:

    Granite please

  53. Andrea A says:

    I’d pick the Cwtch Hoodie Granite Grey.

  54. Anna Brown says:

    I like the granite

  55. Diana says:

    I like grey 🙂

  56. Kristin Burdsall says:


  57. Jodie A Green says:

    Grey please

  58. Tammy neal says:


  59. Natalie Crossan says:

    Granite thank you

  60. Kate Davies says:

    The granite please

  61. karen teulon says:

    Granite for me please

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