A Primark haul, Hygge and Foo Fighters #littleloves

October 21, 2017

I haven’t done a LittleLoves post for a couple of weeks with the rush of another two Birthdays. First it was mine and then it was Ava’s 3rd Birthday on the Friday and I still can’t get over the fact that my baby is getting so big! We had a little family Birthday tea where we had to let her blow out the candles quite a few times. As she has only just started Pre School we decided not to have a party and so the next day we took her for lunch and to have a ride on a miniature steam train which she loved. 


I’ve been reading The Little Book of Hygge and trying to enjoy the change of weather. I wrote last year about how embracing Hygge helped me to overcome the winter blues I usually get. I’m quite liking Autumn this year, we just need a bit more sun!


Both series back to back of Dr Foster. I really enjoyed it, although some of it is really uncomfortable watching. I’ve struggled to find something to get into since finishing. James is away and I try and keep the ones we watch together for when he is back. 


I’ve been listening to Foo Fighters new album this week and I managed to get two tickets for next June. I’m going to give them to James for his Christmas present so I hope he doesn’t actually read this post! We went to see them a couple of years ago at Milton Keynes Bowl and they were amazing. I wanted to get standing tickets but they had all sold out, so we are upper circle, but I figured that was better than nothing!



I don’t think I’ve made anything this last week. Although I have been better at cooking a proper meal for myself which I’m usually rubbish at when James is away. The boys have been on and on at me to get the ingredients to make slime, so I think we will be doing that tomorrow. 


I’ve managed to find some lovely Autumn clothes in Primark this year. And I’ve treated myself to some new larger earrings. I also got the mustard coat I had been lusting after for my Birthday. I’ve tried it in a couple of sizes now and have come to the conclusion that unfortunately it just doesn’t suit me. I think as I’m quite slim it just looks like it’s hanging off me and a bit like I’ve borrowed someone who is bigger than me’s coat. Not a great look. 

And Lastly ….

I’m hoping to do lots of nice things over half term. I’ve created a list of things to do in Bedford, Northampton and Milton Keynes if you are local check it out. Then it’s Finlay’s Birthday on the 30th and that is the end of the mad Birthday phase for another year!


5 responses to “A Primark haul, Hygge and Foo Fighters #littleloves”

  1. Morgana says:

    So jealous you got Foo Fighters tickets! We tried to get 4 seated ones so we could all go, but failed *sob*
    I completely agree about Autumn being lovely if there was a little more sun and less rain!
    Hope you’re having a good week xx

  2. Kerri-Ann says:

    Oh wow you got tickets! I sort of enjoyed watching Dr Foster, certainly gripped and had to keep watching but a difficult one for so many reasons. I hope you have had a great half term #littleloves

  3. That’s a shame about the coat but I love the jumper. I loved the Little Book of Hygge and the new Little Book of Lykke too. I hope you’ve had a lovely half term week x #LittleLoves

  4. Sarah Cuttle says:

    I do love Primark, so many nice clothes in there that don’t break the bank. x

  5. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    Looks like Ava really enjoyed her birthday treat, I love primark you can get so many lovely outfits, pj’s and bits and bobs for children, I usually pick up some new vest tops and Leggings for myself too, I just dread the price as they are scanning my huge basket load through, I also enjoy food fighters xxx

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