A Gradual One Minute Tan That Really Works

Who’s had a fake tan disaster? I’m sure we’ve all got a story or two to share! It’s safe to say my previous experiences of using fake tan have been limited, mainly because they’ve not been very good. I love everything about the summer and having a golden glow is one of them. Although, I’m now very aware of the dangers of having a natural tan that I used to love, thanks to developing melasma and some dreaded wrinkles. And so, along with wearing a high SPF daily, I’ve decided fake tan is the way to go.

But, when I’ve used fake tans in the past it’s ended up streaky, and /or I’ve been left with orange hands. One time applying in a rush after having just shaved my legs before a rare date night, I was left with these awful dark spots all over my legs. That wasn’t the worst part! They then took days to disappear and so the whole reason for fake tanning my legs, so that they looked better than their initial pastiness, was made worse and I couldn’t get them out at all!

So when I was asked if I would like to trial the new St Tropez Gradual One Minute Tan I was intrigued and a little nervous.

I’ve seen shower tan products before but the idea of leaving a tan on and waiting around naked and awkward, wasting precious along time standing in the cold, just didn’t appeal. I’m lucky if I get an unniterupted five minute shower and I don’t want to waste that time. One minute however sounded too good to be true, could it really work that quickly?

I have naturally slightly olivey skin so I wasn’t sure if I would notice a difference with the one minute mousse. However I am at my palest at this time of year, especially after the awful winter we have had. I was also nervous about being left with a biscuity smell so I was pleasantly surprised that the mousse smells lovely, like holidays. It is so easy to apply and leaves a white moussey sheen on your skin, so you can see where you still need to apply it.

By the third day I had my application down to a quick art. It can be done whilst the shower is warming up, it’s that quick! So I don’t feel like I am wasting precious alone time.

I just use my hands to apply the mousse and make sure I wash it off as soon as I have finished applying it, before I get into the shower and wash the rest off my body. I haven’t ended up with orange palms, but if you are worried about that I have also tried applying the mousse with a mitt and that works well too. 

Day 3 and there is a definite natural looking glow.

I notice a change in colour after the first application, more so on the paler parts of my body that very rarely see the sun. By the end of the three days I was a more even colour all over and had a nice subtle, natural glow. Like I had been in the sun all weekend, which although I was away in Portugal I hadn’t been, due to the rain.

There was absolutely no streaks or blotchiness!

So I came back on the plane looking refreshed and glowing with a natural looking colour which was lovely.

For me the gradual one minute tan tan ticks all the boxes. It’s quick and easy to apply. It doesn’t leave me with orange palms or dark marks inbeteween my fingers. It leaves me with a natural looking sun kissed glow that evens out my skin tone all over. There are no streaks or blotchiness and the best part, no biscuity smell or stickiness after applying. All of this coupled with the fact it really does work in one minute and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Can you tell I am a fan?

It’s honestly a fab product, especially if you are short on time!

If you want a deeper tan you can leave it on for longer, which is what I will be trying with it next, now that I know I won’t end up streaky.

You can see how I got on over the three days on my Instagram stories. Just click on the tan highlights. 

Try the gradual one minute tan, I don’t think you will be disappointed!


The St Tropez Gradual One Minute Tan is available from all good high street stores including Boots and Superdrug and retails from £9.50. Thanks to St Tropez for working with me on this post.


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  1. Helpful Mum says:

    This looks amazing, and so natural too.

  2. becky says:

    Looks brilliant – I am sold

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