5 Steps To Moving House

There is so much to think about when you want to move house. There is that momentous decision in itself and then there is everything that it involves. Your head is usually spinning as you bounce from one thing to the next trying to plan and organise everything. You might be trying to decide on location or maybe it is the character of the property that you are struggling to settle on? Maybe you are searching for conveyancers to use, or perhaps you are looking for moving companies? There is a lot to arrange, so let us help you today as we break the process down into 5 easy steps to moving house. 

Make that decision

We know that this might seem obvious, but it can actually be the step that causes the most stress.

If there are pressing reasons for you to move, such as a job relocation, then this decision will come easier to you. If the reason is more around wanting the change, you might go back and forth on this for a while. 

Write down all of the pros and cons and if you are buying with a partner, talk the list through with them. You will end up having to trust your instinct and once the decision is made, go for it. 

Sort your mortgage

Next you really need to sort out how much of a mortgage you can get and afford. Have a look at https://www.mortgagecalculator.uk a really handy tool in helping you look at affordability as you can change variables like interest rates and repayment terms on different house values. 

If you already have an existing mortgage lender a give them a call next to talk to about the possibility of moving. Even if you already have a mortgage it is also worth looking at any better deals you could get. 

Your lender will be able to tell you what you can borrow and whether you can port your existing mortgage deal over to your next property. They will be able to let you know how much everything will cost you and enable you to offer confidently on your chosen property, knowing that you have a provisional offer from then. 

Sell your own home

You can now get your home on the market. If you have any little odd jobs to do, get those covered off first so that you are showing off your home to its best advantage. There are little things you can do to your house that may make it easier to sell. 

Invite two or three estate agents round to get an idea of how they will market your home and their fees and then choose the one that you are happiest with.

As soon as you accept an offer that suits you, you can begin your own property search. 

The property search

Draw up a list of everything that you want in your new home and then you can start looking around those that best meet your criteria. 

Remember to be open when you are walking around each property and ask plenty of questions. Homes can be redecorated, renovated, extended and you can make the most of smaller spaces with clever thinking. You might be able to spot potential where others cannot and get yourself the perfect home at the perfect price. 

The waiting game

As soon as you have had your own offer accepted on your perfect house, the waiting game begins.

You will need to apply for your mortgage and instruct solicitors for both your sale and purchase. It is then worth staying in touch with them regularly to check on how the chain is proceeding and to get a likely date for exchange of contracts and completion.

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