Create An Easy Seasonal Garland With This BLU Hack

I love embracing the season changes and what better way to do it than to bring some of the outdoors in. With this BLU hack you can have a seasonal garland easily changing the items with each new season. Think petals and wild flowers for summer and sprigs of holly and berries for winter.

I’ve made a quick and easy Autumn garland with leaves and mini pumpkins.

Seasonal Garland



  1. Collect the seasonal items you wish to use in your garland.
  2. Place your light string around the area you are using and secure into place with BLU Tack. (I use a metal string of lights and find placing a piece of BLU Tack under and over the wire keeps it in place best).
  3. Secure your seasonal items along the garland using BLU Tack. You can use as many or as little as you want to create the desired effect. I will add more seasonal items in Summer and Winter than I do for Autumn.



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