The Luvanto Vinyl vs. Laminate Debate

When you are laying new flooring, the decision usually comes down to laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. Often this is the biggest decision you’ll have to make as many are confused about the difference between the two.

So that you can make the best decision for your home, this article breaks down the difference and establishes the similarities between the two.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has been a domestic and commercial favourite for many decades because of its amazing aesthetic, shade variations and versatile features.

Since the early 1980’s Luxury vinyl flooring has risen to the top of the flooring market and has evolved massively to meet the design and durability requirements of its buyers.  Vinyl flooring is now the go-to option for interior designers and property developers as it brings much needed, long-lasting quality into any type of building or property.

Each vinyl tile is coasted with a protective wear layer on the surface which protects against little or large scratches and prevents the layers beneath from being affected by water or other liquid substances that may attack your flooring from time to time.

Having the ability to bring in replicated authentic flooring materials can add luxury to any room scape. The variety of shades mean that you can opt for a vintage, chic, or even Scandinavian style room and your flooring is going to be able to match perfectly, without having to suffer the large price tag.

Good Old Laminate

Similar, to vinyl flooring, laminate flooring has been around for decades and is still a frequent choice for homes and offices.

Just like vinyl flooring, laminate planks and tiles are constructed using a realistic photographic image and topped with a PU surface coat. In terms of durability, laminate can resist small water spills and most scratches but do avoid direct contact with the feet of your furniture as indents will be irremovable. It’s best to always place a felt pad between the surface of your laminate flooring and under the feet of your furniture.

It’s not to say that laminate doesn’t have some versatile qualities such as moisture resistant and scratch guard, but it just doesn’t have as many as vinyl flooring. Laminate can only hand spills whereas vinyl can battle against large pools of water and steam such as in the bathroom.

Similar, to the bathroom, spills often occur in the kitchen but they’re usually coloured and smelly from substances such as sauce or grease. In this instance, laminate flooring will prevent the flooring from absorbing the sauce beneath its surface, but there still may be a stain left behind as a reminder. Vinyl flooring has the capacity to prevent stains entirely which is why it makes such a great kitchen flooring.

If you still feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choosing new flooring, browse Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as there is bound to be a shade you will love and a room in your house which could really do with it.

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