Top 5 Bedroom Microtrends for 2022

What will 2022 hold for bedroom design? If the back end of 2021 is any clue, soft textures, eclectic styles and pastel colours will be trendy. Between these, there’ll be micro trends that set the flow and character of bedrooms.

Through our handy crystal ball, this article will explore the top five bedroom microtrends for 2022 based on what’s grown in popularity in 2021.

Let’s start with a microtrend everyone can relate to:

Bright coloured items

The biggest bedroom microtrend of 2021 was bright colours used sparingly to create showstopping centrepieces and focal points. For example, a bedroom with grey and white paint might have a bright yellow occasional chair.

We expect this trend to continue in 2022. The beauty of using bright colours sparingly is it introduces character to bedrooms without overpowering everything. You can paint walls in subdued pastel shades and brighten things up with items that can be moved around easily.

Chairs, rugs, clocks, lights, wall hangings, cushions, and other furnishings can all be brightly coloured to set a theme and express your unique style.

Original headboard

Headboards will become statement pieces as people look to make their bed the real centrepiece of their bedroom. Old beds will be transformed with a new headboard, helping reduce waste and repurpose old materials.

Divan and ottoman beds are suitable for aftermarket headboards, available in a wide range of styles, textures and colours. You can also get wooden headboards carved with patterns and teddy bears for kids bedrooms.

In 2022, crushed velvet and textured fabrics will be the most popular headboard choices, softening bedrooms and providing contrast. The trend for bling and glitter will die down in 2022 but remain among those who love the chic look.

Wooden bed

As the trend for nature in our homes continues to soar, wooden beds will gain in popularity in 2022 due to their organic, natural appearance. Metal will remain popular, but more people will choose wood as a natural alternative.

Pictured: Nordic Mill Shake Low Wooden Bed Frame will significantly fit traditional and contemporary styles. Available from Bedstar, The Online Bed Superstore.

Wooden beds can be made from oak, pine, or engineered timber with a natural wood veneer to suit all budgets. The beauty of a wooden bed is timeless and warm to the touch, helping set the tone of the bedrooms, feel, and character.

Wooden beds are also available coloured and highlighted. For example, you can get a natural wood and grey bed or a fully painted bed in white or grey. This variety ensures that everyone can enjoy a wooden bed no matter their taste.

Classic floral wallpaper

Classic floral wallpaper will return to bedrooms in 2022 with a twist – modern pastel shades in contemporary style.

The floral wallpapers found in your grandma’s home will see a resurgence, with flowers, trees, birds, insects and other animals the subject matter. Feature walls will no longer be a monotone grey but a unique floral explosion.

This also extends to chairs, sofas and bedding. Florals are coming back in fashion as people look to nature for interior design inspiration.

Pictured: Classic floral wallpaper will return to bedrooms in 2022 with a twist – modern pastel shades in contemporary style.

Geometric expression

One of the hottest bedroom microtrends in 2022 will be geometric expression to synchronise patterns and shapes in an aesthetic style. Homeowners will call on geometry to inspire their bedroom design choices.

Designers will focus on the flow and symmetry of bedrooms with lines and shapes, with design and decoration features like geometric wallpaper, geometric bedding, geometric floor rugs and furniture with strong, cutting lines.

Pictured: Geometric Interior Bedroom Design, we think will be more significant in 2022.

Geometry has always been a critical aspect of interior design, but it has never taken centre stage for decorating. We think this will change in 2022.

What will be the most significant bedroom microtrend?

We think florals and woods will be the biggest bedroom microtrends in 2022, replacing monotone colours and plain surfaces with something more interesting. What do you think? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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