What to consider when buying a neon sign

Neon signs have taken interior design trends by storm in recent years. From shop fronts to living rooms, neon signs have certainly made their mark. Neon signs have actually been around for many years, although they were not as common in previous years. The method of making these signs hasn’t changed much over time either, proving they’re just as good, if not better, than ever before. Neon signs are composed of glass tubes containing various gases. Originally named after neon (the noble gas) now, different gases are used in the glass tubes to create different colours. The gases used can vary from argon to helium and many others, and all of these gases are safe to use. The mixture of gases in the glass tube creates the well-known neon glow of a neon light. The mix of gases then makes other neon colours. When choosing a neon light, the colour may be a huge decision, but there are other factors to consider.


When choosing a neon light, you don’t have to consider what gas you want to use to decide what colour you want. You can easily just visit a site like Neon Mama and choose the colour, leaving the chemical mix up to the professionals. When selecting a neon sign, colour is incredibly important. Although the signs are quite bright, different colours work well with various colour pallets. This is
common and is usually the case with most interior design trends. To make the most out of the neon sign, it needs to match up with the existing colours in the room to feel the signs full effect. All of the colours work well on darker backgrounds as the colours can pop well, but it really does depend on the current décor.


Design is crucial as you want to buy a neon sign that you like. However, the design is also important when it comes to fitting in with current décor and tying the room together. Most of the time, neon signs are made up of pretty simple designs, and these designs usually suit any space. When a sign is being custom made, that’s when a little more thought needs to go into it. Designs that are too
intricate can often get confusing and aren’t clear enough to see. Simpler designs are usually better, especially when wanting to show off a particular design.


Even the smallest of neon signs can look great. The size of the light doesn’t always matter; it’s the placement size that really counts. A smaller sign on a large wall will look out of place, and a sign that’s too big on a small wall will look rather silly. Figure out where the sign is going to go first of all and then decide on the size. Something that takes up a third or half of the wall will likely look great. Anything smaller may not make the desired impact; anything bigger may be too overwhelming.


One important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying a neon sign is the surface it’s going to sit on. Is it going to sit on a flat wall, a window, or perhaps a textured wall like a brick wall? Surfaces can drastically alter the perception of a neon light as well as its hanging ability. With a smooth wall or simple wall treatments, pretty much any neon light will be able to hang comfortably,
but the same can’t be said for windows and textured walls. Although neon signs look great in windows and on brick, the right design needs to be chosen so that the sign looks as good as possible. Plus, with a textured wall, the sign needs to be able to hang!

Finally, have fun when choosing a neon light! They’re bright, colourful, and quirky so shopping should be fun.

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