3 Birthdays, Pumpkin Picking And Changing Seasons – October Little Loves

October is such a busy month with not one, but three Birthdays. Mine, Ava’s then Finlay’s, so it always seems to go by in a flash. That coupled with the boys moving School (long story) and Ava spending three days in Great Ormond Street for testing, it was a very up and down month!

I have however, actually enjoyed Autumn so far this year though and have been really trying to notice all the changes going on around us and appreciate them. It’s definitely helped my usual end of summer mourning.


Then She Was Gone a psychological, suspense story this had me reading every night to find out what had really happened!


Stacey Dooley Investigates, Fashion’s Dirtiest Secrets documentary and wow what a game changer it has been for me. I had been feeling increasingly like something wasn’t right in my life and had been slowly starting to make changes with regards to our plastic use as a family. However this was the final push I needed to take a good, long, hard look at myself and make the decision to quit fast fashion. You can read all about my toxic relationship with clothes.

Stacey highlights the amount of water needed to produce cotton, so much so that a whole sea dried out when its water was diverted to factories. It was really shocking! 

Watch it here

A list of my absolute favourites from this month 

Netflix – The Haunting Of Hill House

TV – Killing Eve

Amazon Prime – The Purge



I hadn’t put myself on a fast fashion ban at the beginning of the month so bought this leopard print jumper!


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But by the end of the month I was looking through my wardrobe to make new outfits with pieces I already have.


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I’m trying to be more intentional with my clothing purchases this season after watching Stacey Dooley, anyone else? If I don’t LOVE it and can think of more than one way to wear it, I don’t get it. I’ve also been trying out ways of using clothes I already have in different ways. I’ve only ever worn this jumper with jeans before but actually really like it with a skirt. It feels like a new outfit but it is all old clothes! I’m definitely looking at my wardrobe differently and seeing more possibilities. #styleover30 #fashionover30 #styleblogger #nofastfashion #autumnstyle

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This has been my favourite playlist the last few weeks. 


And Lastly ….  

I’ve started on a bit of a journey to change the way we as a family shop and consume. I’ve been making swaps to plastic free products that we buy regularly and you can follow our  journey over on my stories



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