Librio, The Tree The Key & Me – A Beautiful Personalised Book

Isn’t there something just magical about being able to get lost in a book? Curling up all cosy, content and drifting off into another world! Reading together is a favourite thing of mine to do with my children. Passing on that love of books and encouraging their wonderful imaginations. It’s even more magical for them when the main character has not only their name, but looks just like them, down to their hair and eye colour. We were recently sent The Tree The Key & Me by Librio and it is just beautiful in every way. 

The Tree The Key & Me review

In the story the main character, a little girl or boy cartoon version of your child, finds a key which opens a secret door in a tree. Stepping through the door they are transported into a magical world with woodland animals, a problem for them to solve and they get to be the hero. It’s both beautifully written and illustrated. There are no gender stereotypes and the story is unisex.

Ava loves The Tree The Key & Me and calls it her ‘my book with me’. It’s now firmly one of her favourites and has inspired some imaginary role play in the woods near our house, looking for fairy doors and exploring the colours of Autumn. 

Regular readers will know I’m looking at ways to shop more ethically and reduce our plastic use as a family. So I was really pleased to discover Librio are a company I can really get behind with inspiring ethics.

Their books are printed on high quality 100% recycled FSC quality paper by the award winning, sustainable printers, Pureprint Group. And as if that wasn’t good enough, Librio also plant one tree through Trees For The Future for every book published.

They also donate one book for every book purchased to who seek to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.

Just an amazing company all round!

The Tree The Key & Me is available in 18 different languages with the ordering process being quick and easy. Once you have personalised your child as a character you can preview the whole story online, which is a nice touch. We received the book about a week after ordering and I was kept up to date with the process via email. You also have a few hours to make any changes before it is sent to print, should you need to.

If you are looking for a beautiful, ethical gift for any child, then take a look at Librio. They are offering 15% discount when you buy two books using the code YAY15 and you can find out more over on their website, social channels – Facebook​ | ​Instagram​ | ​Twitter​ | ​YouTube​ and the ​Librio Blog​.


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