My 30 something Birthday wishlist

I’m going to be 30 ‘something’ on Sunday and I’m still in denial about how old I’m going to be. James is going to be working away and I’ve got nothing planned, so to cheer myself up a bit I decided to create my 30 something Birthday wishlist.

Every year my Mum always asks me for a list so they can choose something from it and since I’ve had Kyle I’ve been rubbish at doing it. Kyle’s Birthday is 7 days before mine and so for the last 9 years I’ve been too preoccupied to think of myself. I won’t get everything from this list but I can dream!

30 something birthday wishlist

I used to have loads of nice handbags and these days I usually carry around my Babymule, which although great for days out with the kids, means I’m lacking in nice handbags for the odd occasion I actually have some time to myself. James bought me a gorgeous red handbag a couple of Christmases ago and so I’ve chosen a neutral handbag that will go with my outfit those times I might be wearing a clashing colour with the red.

After attending The Gin Festival earlier in the year my love of Gin has grown so these Gin Cocktail glasses would be perfect.

I’ve recently discovered bodysuits and love them, don’t know why I didn’t try them sooner. During the summer I’ve been wearing them with maxi skirts and also under tops that need it. What I’ve discovered is that they stop the riding up you get with a vest top and you don’t get a draught, they are annoying when you need to toilet though. I love the detailing on this lace one and it will go nicely when I’m layering in Autumn and Winter. 

I fell in love with this poncho from Brick Dust and Glitter’s Instagram feed and promptly added it to my birthday wishlist. The neutral colour means I can just chuck it on with the current unpredictable weather and it’s a pretty addition to an outfit. 

I LOVE having a mooch around Tiger store and anything Flamingo always catches my eye, I have a bit of a thing for them and Unicorns. Anything from there would make me happy.

I’ve wanted a pair of Rayban’s for ages and after creating my outfits in this post I knew I wanted a rose gold pair. When we went to Spain in the summer James bought me them as an early Birthday present so they are no longer on my wishlist, but they would have been.

A Birthday wishlist wouldn’t be complete without some make up. I’ve been wearing lipstick more regularly recently and really like colours with a purple, pink base so this Mac one would be perfect.

In a dream world I would absolutely love an Olympus Pen camera, I’ve heard so many good things about them and this last year I have really started to get into photography more. Most of my pictures are taken on my Iphone so it would be lovely to be able to take it to the next level with a proper DSLR.

Would any of these be on your list? I would love to know if you have any more ideas for me. 




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28 responses to “My 30 something Birthday wishlist”

  1. Cara says:

    Ooooo Olympus Pen Camera is on my Christmas wish list!

  2. I love anything flamingo too!! And the Olympus Pen Camera would be on my wish list #Picknmix

  3. Lisa Savage says:

    Happy Birthday sweetie – what a great idea to keep a list. Whenever it comes round to my birthday I can never think what I want, even if I’ve had tonnes of ideas through the year!

  4. Rhian Harris says:

    I love the look of the camera! I’m off to Google… Happy Birthday! #picknmix

  5. Sarahbel says:

    Oooh I like the wishlist – some lovely pieces!! #picknmix

  6. I love ponchos, I will put on my wish list too. My next birthday I’ll be the wrong side of 35! Sarah #PicknMix

  7. Happy birthday for sunday! I love that bag, and the poncho, infact I love all of it! You’re just missing the chocolate, and the cake!! Hope you have a wonderful day! #picknmix

  8. Helen says:

    Ooo so many lovely things! I’d also love a new camera – that’s the blogger in me 🙂 #picknmix

    Helen x

  9. A gin festival??? Where do I sign up! Haha. That bag! Love it… Perfect colour.

  10. Oh the Olympus Pen – sooooo lusting after this too! Lovely list, I like your style, I never know what to ask for! #picknmix

  11. Sharon Parry says:

    I’m with you on the camera! Blogging encourages an interest in photography doesn’t it? I love the pictures that my iphone takes at the moment but I can imagine that in a year or so I would want to try something a bit more sophisticated. I hope you have a lovely birthday xx #PicknMix

  12. What a fab selection. I also got rose coloured sunglasses for my birthday, but mine are from Oakley. I just love the colour. #PicknMix

  13. I need to start a detailed wishlist- I love my hubs…but he is a pretty crappy gift giver. Noo.more.vaccums!!! One year he got me a super vacuum, next the shark hardwood cleaner, a dustbuster, a carpet clearner….are you sensing a theme here…

  14. Love the camera and the poncho, they’d definitely be on my list! My husband recently bought me a couple of gorgeous bags from very exclusive when they had a sale on, they are my new favourite possessions in the whole world!
    Happy birthday for Sunday, hope you get all you want x

  15. Brandi Puga says:

    I am particularly fond of the wrap!

  16. Yes to all of this. Happy Birthday for Sunday!


  17. I love your picks. I’d love an Olympus Pen too, it’s on my Christmas list but very much doubt I’ll get one! Also love the bodysuit, I love anything lacy #picknmix

  18. A whole day to my self would be on my list! Although I would probably spend it worrying and wishing I was at home! #PicknMix

  19. Happy birthday for tomorrow gorgeous, I hope you don’t have too much of a hangover after your night out 🙂 Wishing you an amazing year ahead and don;t worry I’m a year older than you 😉

    Stevie xx

  20. Jenn @ M says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you get many if not all the items on your list! #picnmix

  21. Love this list! I so should have done this when i turned 30! I suggest a spa and a night old, did wonders for my new 30 wrinkles! #PicknMix

  22. RachelSwirl says:

    Oh I love this bag!

  23. The camera! Definitely the camera! That is all 🙂 Thanks for hosting #picknmix and have a good birthday!

  24. Crummy mummy says:

    BB’s birthday is 5 days after mine so the same thing happens – I’m so busy thinking about hers I forget about mine! #picknmix

  25. I don’t really know what I would ask for.. like you my birthday is the same month as both of our boys so I don’t really think about myself and i’m too busy sorting out their birthdays.. I never know what to say when someone asks me! If I get stuck I usually just say money but then thats the downfall because I’ll spend it on the boys.. oops #picknmix

  26. I love that handbag and would absolutely love an Olympus Pen too! I hope you get some of the things on your list 🙂 x #picknmix

  27. Maria says:

    I hope you had a lovely birthday. I love the look of the poncho and the handbag. Not sold on the bodysuit though – that definitely sounds like too much of a faff! #PickNMix

  28. Ooo I’m loving the look of the camera and poncho! I have a DSLR but it’s quite old now and I’m thriving it may be time for a new one! Love the list! I think half the boden catalogue would be on mine! Thanks for hosting #picknmix

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