A Pug’s Christmas – Vision Direct

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas. I haven’t finished buying presents and I’ve not started wrapping, which is very unlike me and has left me feeling very disorganised this year. I’m a total sucker for anything Christmas, films, decorations, flavoured coffees, trees, sparkly lights, you name it I love it. I even get excited by all the Christmas adverts, which James thinks I am very odd for. So I really enjoyed watching the super cute Christmas video by Vision Direct. There is something about Pug’s that is really endearing, I think it’s their little faces.

Meet Gizmo the lovable main character in their Christmas campaign.

A Pugs Christmas



Poor little Gizmo struggles to see and in the video he is dressed in a cute knitted, red jumper and glasses. It’s impossible not to say awww (if you haven’t already)! Go on watch for yourself and see if you do it. 



I’m lucky enough to not need to wear glasses. I did need them for a short while when I was at University and I was forever forgetting them and loosing them. If I ever had to wear them again I would definitely be trying contact lenses. I see Ava grabbing at my Mum and Dads glasses and know it would be a nightmare trying to wear them with an inquisitive toddler. It was the best option for Gizmo too. At least his glasses won’t steam up anymore.

Vision Express have also brought out a behind the scenes, where you watch Gizmo giving his own opinion on life as a Superstar Pug! 



Which one is your favourite? I think the first one is mine.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.  



14 responses to “A Pug’s Christmas – Vision Direct”

  1. Eeee how very cute! I’m quite a big fan of dogs, we have a border collie, so I love this x

  2. I hadn’t seen this until now – but it definitely sums up my life with glasses! I am just too lazy to do contacts everyday, I always seem to forget and sleep with them in (oops)

  3. I only wear glasses when using my laptop as that’s when my eyes start to hurt so don’t think I would need contact lenses x

  4. Tori Gabriel says:

    So cute. I wear glasses and would love to consider contacts but the idea of touching my eye freaks me out. No way would I get contacts in!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Oh I am always putting my glasses down, I should wear them when I am watching tv and on the computer…..am I now? No!

  6. Natalie Ray says:

    Aw bless, this is so cute! Pugs are just adorable aren’t they? I’d never seen the advert before and it’s just my sort of thing so thanks for sharing. I was a bit gutted when I thought he’d died but glad it was a happy ending.x

  7. Ickle Pickle says:

    I only saw this the other day – so cute! I am as blind as a bat (short sighted) without my glasses or contacts! Kaz x

  8. Zoe Alicia says:

    Lovely and touching campaign from Vision Direct. They do amazing work overseas. And I ADORE pugs! x

  9. I should really start wearing my glasses when I’m on my laptop but I’ve lost them haha! How cute is Gizmo! I absolutely love pugs, they’re so cute! x

  10. Beth says:

    Not seen this before, So cute.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  11. I’ve not seen these before! I’m a glasses wearer (when I remember to wear them) and have tried contacts before but they were a bit of a faff.

    Laura x

  12. I was super disorganised this year too (although I guess I had a cute little baby as an excuse) I do love this time of year! x

  13. Jodie says:

    Pugs are so popular at the moment aren’t they. He’s a great mascot for their campaign. Big eyes.

  14. Alex says:

    So cute! I’ve been wearing glasses for 2 years now. I only need them for concentrating (watching TV, reading driving etc) but I’m not legally required to wear them. Reading this has reminded me I’m due a check up! xx

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