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One thing that I have really enjoyed and I know my parents have too is seeing my children playing with the toys that I used to play with. My parents have kept loads of our toys, bricks, a push along cart, a shoe with people, dolls, cuddly toys and puzzles just to name a few. There is one blue brick that me and all 3 of my children have at some point put in our mouths to carry as we are crawling around.

All of my old Sylvanians are in the loft and I can’t wait to get them down to play with again. They are definitely toys that stand the test of time. I can remember playing with them with my little sister, we would put our sets together. I had the house and she had a tree house. We would play games with them that lasted for hours. I hope that Ava enjoys playing with them as much as I did.

The boys love playing with James’ old Star Wars toys. He has the Millennium Falcon and loads of figures. It’s great that we already have it, with it being in the top charts for toys this Christmas.

George at Asda asked us to choose an heirloom toy for Ava as part of #GeorgeToyStories. I decided on a beautiful wooden dolls house and accessories. A timeless classic that I know I would have loved to play with as a little girl. Having boys has been great and I wouldn’t change them for the world, but playing Superheroes is not as interesting to me as tea parties and dolls. I have longed for the day of playing with girly things and now I can. I hope that one day Ava gets to play with the dolls house with her children too.

Heirloom toys #georgetoystories

Heirloom toys #georgetoystories

Heirloom toys #georgetoystories



Disclaimer: Thanks to George for sending us the dolls house and accessories. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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