A hint of spring, lunch in the sun and pink blossom #Littleloves

This week has had some lovely moments. It was super busy with two parents evenings and a few late nights but Spring made a bit of an appearance and I’m so ready for it. I’m loving all the pink blossom out on the trees, it’s so pretty and the lighter evenings too. 


I’ve started my new book ‘Travelling alone’ so that I can hopefully join in with #bookclub140 this month. I actually ran a bath and sat with lots of bubbles, a bar of chocolate and the book. I can’t remember the last time I did that!


I watched La La Land and I LOVED it! The colours, the sun, the love story. It’s definitely a film I could watch again and again. It also made me want to go back to LA. I was lucky enough to go there a few years ago with James when he was working out there. We stayed in Laguna but explored all around the coast, it’s such a beautiful place. 


Nothing that I can think of!


I’ve been wearing less of my big woolly jumpers and venturing into my old spring wardrobe. It desperately needs a freshen up and I’ve just filled a couple of bin bags with clothes I didn’t wear once last year. I think my favourite outfit last week was a stripy top and my dungaree dress. I’ve also been able to wear my frilly sleeved dresses to work now it’s a bit warmer and I don’t have to wear a cardigan. Frills don’t work under sleeves!


Ed Sheeran, who hasn’t this week? I can’t believe how many songs he had in the top 20. I’m really liking ‘Galway Girl’ 

And Lastly ….

We had lunch outside, in the sun! James arrived back after a week away and we went to a lovely place called ‘The Embankment’ and had lunch looking out to the river. Sitting there feeling the sun on my face was bliss. We also managed a visit to our local country park, again in the sun. It was gorgeous, the flowers starting to come out, not having to wear a coat. It made me excited for the summer. 

6 responses to “A hint of spring, lunch in the sun and pink blossom #Littleloves”

  1. Ooh I’m dreaming of a picnic outside, how lovely! I’m loving Ed Sheeran at the moment too, and thankfully my two love dancing around to him as well haha. Have a lovely week 🙂 xx

  2. Donna says:

    I am envious of your spring weather days and lunch outside! It doesn’t feel very spring like here at the moment x

  3. I can’t believe we had one day of Spring, and since then it has rained every day. Hopefully we will see more Spring days, and hurrah for your Spring wardrobe making an appearance #littleloves x

  4. Hooray to Spring being back! It is so lovely to get to wear Spring clothes again and ditch thick jumpers. I am very envious of your bubble bath with chocolate and candles. I need to do this soon! I also watched La La Land and absolutely loved it. The colours are so beautiful and I love the musical elements to it. It sounds like you’ve had a really lovely week <3 xx #littleloves

  5. Morgana says:

    What beautiful Spring time photos, the weather has been horrendous over the last two weeks here, boo. Here’s hoping it picks up soon.
    Yay for La La Land! It’s one of my favourites x

  6. RachelSwirl says:

    Now Spring is here I am in wardrobe panic, I need to lose a few stone then I might sneak into my clothes again. Bloody christmas chocolates! Loving the pics by the way , I am yet to watch La La Land.

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