Dinotrux Revvit and Skya’s Tall Tail slide review

I’m sure if you have a little one and Netflix, you will have heard of DinoTrux. Dreamworks DinoTrux is one of the current favourites in our house. All 3 of them, 2, 6 and 9 will happily watch it together. It features creatures that are half dinosaur, half construction vehicle, based on the award winning book series by Chris Gall. 

We were lucky enough to be sent a selection of toys to try out from the range and they have been a big hit!

dinotrux toys review


We have had these toys a while now and Ava (2) has decided that Revvit is her absolute favourite toy at the moment. The last few days he has gone everywhere with her. Today she took him to the park, insisting on holding him when trying to climb up. Taking him down the slide with her and putting him down first. He’s been taken up for naptime, done some painting and been fed dinner. Unfortunately he couldn’t go in the bath much to her dislike!

Dinotrux Revvit

This one is my favourite! I love how the interchangeable heads look like spikes down his back. Pull on the tail and the drill head spins and Revvit will say some phrases from the show. I had no idea but Finlay showed me that in his mouth is a tape measure that you can pull out like a really long tongue. It’s great as it encourages so many different play ideas. 

Skya’s Tall Tail Slide Playset

This one is Finlay (6) favourite. The set includes a large scale Skya the kind-hearted crane, and a die-cast Revvit Reptool figure. Skya has a moving neck which is also a ramp for the Revvit figure to zoom down and the two Scraptor figures can be used as targets at the bottom or on the slide. Finlay spends ages setting it up all and enjoys making it do different things. There are six different points on the track that trigger different movements meaning the play isn’t limited. 

Dinotrux Garby

Garby has pull back action so he can race along the floor, much to Ava’s delight. His spikes down the back are softer and so provide a different texture when playing with him. You can pull his tail and head and make him rumble along like a truck. 

We were really pleased with the Dinotrux toys. They are robust and the little details make them stand out from your average TV series toys. They have provided hours of imaginative fun. 

Disclosure: We were sent these toys in return for an honest review.

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