How I’ve Simplified My Life

Search through the slow living hasthags on Instagram and it looks like everyone is living a beautiful, peaceful life that we can only aspire to. Full of whimsical scenes and quiet moments. 

It’s no secret that I suffer from anxiety and over this last year I have spent time trying to simplify my life and my outlook to see if it helps. Spoiler, it has!

How I’ve simplified my life

Honestly I’m no expert and with a blended family, children all with their own needs and problems, before I even get onto my own, some days my head still feels like its going to explode. But I also feel like I now have more space for it. 

The stuff I put into my body 

Making that effort to drink and eat more simply. By cutting out the diet drinks and processed foods. Eating more fresh fruit and veg. We all know we should do it, but making yourself a priority and actually doing it will have you feeling better. I’ve also added in a supplement called Zenflore which I will talk about more.

Allowing time out

I’m not putting myself on the naughty step, but I am allowing myself time out. Time out of constantly doing, tidying, planning, consuming. There is always something I could be doing. Always something I could be tidying or scrolling through. But I’ve slowly been learning to just be. Whether that is sitting listing to music, picking up a book or taking a walk. Carving that time,e if it’s just 10 minutes on a busy day, allows my mind to calm. 

It’s also giving yourself permission to put your phone in a different room. Not always being reachable and turning that out of office on.

Consuming less

Realising I don’t need to keep up with fashion, have the newest must have dress, has been really liberating and it has also reduced my anxiety! It’s taken a while but I no longer feel the need to constantly consume and what started with clothing has spread to other areas of my life. Clearing clutter and not replacing it along with having things we need rather than just want has made a difference. 

Enjoying the little things

This is something that has come from everything else I have done. Slowing down in other areas of my life means I now notice the little things and notice what makes me smile. Random little moments in each day. 

I also seek them out. That quiet cuddle on the sofa with one child whilst they tell you about their day. Spending time on the allotment or suggesting a walk to the park instead of being too busy. Sitting with a coffee in the garden or just watching the kids playing. Stopping to soak in a moment and knowing everything won’t collapse from taking that time.

So where does Zenflore come in?

I was approached by Zenflore a month or so ago to test out their probiotic product. Having heard great things from my friend Mel about them, I was already interested. As it turns out, they arrived at a point where I have been going through some health anxiety. I knew trying something like Zenflore might just get me back on the right track to feeling better again.

Zenflore claims to helps support both body and mind during stressful times. Did I honestly believe it would make a huge difference? I really wasn’t sure but I was willing to give it a try.

What is Zenflore and how does it work?

Zenflore contains the natural live bacterial culture 1714-Serenitas as well as a selection of vitamins: Thiamine (vitamin B1), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin and Pantothenic acid.

Zenflore says ……

The 1714-Serenitas culture is one of the first cultures to have shown in a clinical study to increase the activity in the areas of your brain that are associated with emotions, learning and memory. It was also associated with a higher ability to cope with stress during a stress test.

It acts by becoming part of the gut microbiota that are involved in the gut-brain axis, the 2-way communication between brain and gut via the vagus nerve.

The culture in Zenflore is also involved in regulating your immune system, which plays an important role in health and well-being.” 

My experience

I’ve been taking Zenflore for almost a month and I still feel stressed at times, but I can take a step back and deal with the hurdles. And despite the health issues and anxiety I am facing with them, I feel more positive again.

The biggest change I have noticed is my sleep. One of the first things I know that happens to me when anxiety starts taking a grip, is insomnia.

I’m sure if you get it you know all about when your head hits the pillow and despite being exhausted, your mind goes into overdrive worrying about everything. Although I still have worries I have found it easier to get to sleep, stay asleep and I have also been having less anxiety dreams. 

This means I’m waking up feeling more rested and more able to cope. I have more patience and more resilience when I sleep well. Anyone who has ever had a newborn or insomnia knows, lack of deep sleep is not good! I have also noticed less of an afternoon slump meaning my days are more productive! 

At £29.99 for a months supply, Zenflore isn’t cheap. However I’m happy to spend a £1 a day to help me get through times of stress more naturally, along with the other changes I have made.

Whilst I’m waiting for tests I will continue to take Zenflore and I plan on taking them throughout the winter to see if they can take the edge off SAD. But for now I’m happy to be able to get back to enjoying the simple things. 



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