How to have a Christmas Hygge Night In

Let’s face it, well if you are like me, Christmas nights out are few and far between now. Over the years I have tried to embrace the fact that I would rather be nice and warm than freezing cold waiting in a taxi queue and by knowing in I’m not adding any Christmas debt. If I’m honest, when it’s dark and cold, all I want to do is snuggle.

The good news is, snuggling is definitely more fashionable than it’s ever been thanks to hygge which is all about taking pleasure from home comforts, spending time with loved ones and indulging your senses.

So we have had a few Christmas hygge nights in recently which are my absolute favourite. It’s lovely to do with your partner, a group of friends or just take the opportunity for some me time.

Here are the crucial ingredients for a Christmas hygge night in

Christmas hygge night in

Get Comfy And Add Texture …

Hygge is all about being cosy and comfy, so if  you are on your own or with your partner and family, dig out your warmest, comfiest pyjamas and a soft blanket. With friends you might want to layer up with just the blankets and maybe a pair of fluffy socks.

Open Those Christmas Treats…..

Wether it’s a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream or a mulled wine enjoy those hot Christmas treats. Open a box of fudge or chocolate and eat that mince pie you’ve been eyeing up all day! Or you could cook a nice meal to be shared with friends and a nice bottle of wine. 

Light The Candles….

Switch off that harsh lights and light some candles instead. Scented or unscented is down to personal preference but think about where you can place them around the room to create that dreamy light. If you have a fireplace or a log burner than that will really set the scene and you are already halfway there with the twinkling Christmas tree.  

Connect with loved ones….

Hygge is about spending time with friends and family. If they aren’t with you during your Christmas hygge night in, why not take the opportunity to write some Christmas cards? 

Switch Off….

With Christmas now proving to be super stressful for lots of people, take the night off. Turn off your phone and snuggle up to watch a film or read a book.

You can find all of the ingredients for you Christmas Hygge night in at Morrisons, your one stop Christmas shop!



Disclosure: I was sent some of the products featured to help us have a Christmas higgle night in. 


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  1. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    Looks like my ideal night in, I love snuggling up in my pj’s, I’d do it all day everyday if I could ha ha xxx

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