How To Make The Most Of Things With Friends And Family Once Lockdown Finishes!

This current lockdown period isn’t fun, let’s face it. For some, it’s a time to chill out after quite a crazy few months; for others, it is torture and scarily akin to that of a jail sentence. The first few weeks seemed okay because we were all getting used to something new. We were doing Zoom quizzes and using our imagination to come up with fun, little activities. The novelty has pretty much worn off for good in a lot of people’s eyes, however. We’re all ready to head back into the office, and we’re all ready to socialise with our friends once again. While it may have been quite nice to sit on the side-lines for a short while, the majority of us are just getting a little stir-crazy.

The chances are that you haven’t forgotten how to have a good time out in public. You probably aren’t as socially inept as you think you are. You may, however, not appreciate your freedom as much as you should when the lockdown is completely lifted. It is all part of the human brain to just take things it’s used to for granted, to be fair to it! 

Let’s say lockdown has lifted, and it’s time to head out. You’ve got time and freedom to enjoy yourself and appreciate everything around you. How can you make sure the time you spend is really rewarding? Well, here are a few things you can do with friends and family: 

Don’t Turn Down Everything! 

If you’re someone that will happily try new things and enjoy what life has to offer, then you don’t really need to read this section – unless you feel you need a little boost, of course! It’s not exactly easy to do if you’re quite a shy and anxious person, but becoming more of a ‘yes’ person will make the post-lockdown era a lot better for you! We’ve realised how annoying it is that we cannot do the things we’d like to do, so make the most of that by actually doing something instead of rejecting it! It’s easy to stay in a lot of the time and open up Netflix with chocolates – don’t do that! Remember, this awful pandemic could come along again!

Be Around Your Friends A Fair Bit!

Being around your friends too much can cause you to severely dislike them – we all know this! We love our besties, but there’s only so much of them we can take. That said, we’ve missed being in their presence for the past few months, haven’t we? Do things together with them – even if they might seem a little boring at first, they probably won’t be – because it’ll be with them! Think about it.

Join Clubs And Courses

You definitely have passions and hobbies in this life that you HAVEN’T bothered pursuing. With the added perspective of living life trapped in your home, perhaps you’ll realise that you have a limited amount of time to do what you actually want to do in life. When we’re no longer trapped domestically, think about signing up to the things you like. You don’t want to regret anything now, surely?

Get Out And Enjoy The Sun

We’ve just started with the season of summer, and we’re about to have a couple of months of good heat. So, with that said, we may as well get outside into luscious areas when we can. Again, it’s easy to sit indoors these days with everything we have in the house. The likes of video games and Netflix can be very enticing, even on the most beautiful of days. Make sure you get your sunglasses on and get that vitamin D into your system when everything is back to normal.

Hit The Gym! 

Gyms will be opening back up again sooner or later. If you’re not quite into the gym lifestyle or that kind of thing, then that’s totally cool. If you’re interested, however, then there will be no better time to sign up than immediately! That might sound a little scary at first, but then you realise that everyone is pretty much starting from square one again! One of the things people care about when it comes to the gym and their fitness is the worries about standing out negatively – this won’t happen if you hop on early. Fitness in an environment like a gym is a great motivator. It’s also good for meeting people and boosting all kinds of endorphins along the way.

Head Out At Night

Bars and clubs will be readily available soon, too! Probably also not as quickly as we’d like, but life WILL get back to normal. If you’ve not really been out and about, then you’ll probably have the itch to go out at night during the first few weeks and months! Again, like with the other options we’ve given you, don’t be afraid of saying yes. You’ve experienced what it’s like to be stuck in on your own on a Saturday for far too long!

Treat People How You’d Like To Be Treated  

This is something you should’ve known how to do from a young age, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do – especially when we’re not in a great mood! This entire ordeal has been a little too much, wouldn’t you say? So, that being said, perhaps the right approach from here on in is to literally be kind to others at all times. You don’t know how they dealt with the pandemic and isolation, so take others into account before you impulsively speak and act. 

Cherish These Moments!

We’ll save the cheesiest one for last! As we said before, this might come along again. This entire COVID-19 experience has taught us that we can all literally be trapped in our own homes if things get pretty bad. 2020 has been very strange, and it’s like the world has paused for a little while. When you get back out into the world as normal, just remember to live in the moment and really cherish what you’re going through. 


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