How To Keep In Touch With Your Long-Distance Bestie

No matter how long you’ve known each other, keeping up with your bestie can prove more than a little difficult! 

In between our busy work lives and family, finding a time where you’re both free for a catch-up can feel basically non-existent. This couldn’t be truer than if you and your bestie are separated by towns, cities or even countries. If you’re looking for something more than the sporadic WhatsApp message, here are some cute ideas for how to keep in touch with your long-distance partner in crime. 

Read a book or watch a TV series together 

Instead of just checking in with one another every now and then, try to start something totally new together. If you’re both self-confessed book worms, why not start your own book club. This gives you the perfect excuse to send voice notes or video call each other to talk about the twists and turns of the story.

Similarly, and if books aren’t really your thing, what about starting a TV series together? Just make sure not to watch the next episode before having the all-important debrief! 

Send each other care packages 

What better way to show your bestie that they’re on your mind than with a surprise care package? 

Every now and then, or if you know they’re feeling down, box up some of their favourite things and send a parcel to wherever they are in the world. This is actually pretty easy to do and with services like Parcel2Go, getting your care package to its destination safely is easy. 

This is the ultimate way to show that you know your best friend inside and out as the care package will be jampacked full of their favourite goodies and various knickknacks that resemble all your inside jokes. 

Meeting in the middle 

It goes without saying that if you want to meet in person, the best way to do it is by meeting in the middle – depending on where the middle is for you. 

Chances are, there will be a trendy city you can book a hotel room in for the ultimate girl’s weekend away. Not only will this give you two the chance to catch up, but it’s also a fun experience to explore a new place together. 

Create a collaborative playlist  

Maybe you’re both into your music, in which case, you guys can start your own shared playlist. Apps like Spotify let you share playlists with certain people which means you can both add in your top tunes. 

If you’re seriously missing your bestie, whack on your shared playlist and reminisce to the soundtrack of your friendship. The best bit about this is that you can keep adding to it as the years go by until eventually, you’ll have a complete playlist full of memories. 

Remember both the big and little life events 

We all know that a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ text is a little disappointing, especially if it’s from your best friend. You don’t have to go above and beyond, but a handwritten card or letter to commemorate big occasions shows that you genuinely care.

Similarly, make light of little achievements too. Maybe your bestie made it to the gym for the first time in a year, in which case, send them a cute little motivational postcard to give them a laugh. 

Just because you’re separated by miles, doesn’t mean you can’t be close. And even though the tech of today is great for video calling and messaging, nothing beats a good old care package or meeting up in person where you can. 


*Collaborative post

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