Why You Should Go To The Theatre

Theatre trips might seem like they’re only for pensioners, but the reality nowadays is quite different. There are thousands of shows to see, suited to all tastes – from pop musicals about the dead wives of Henry VIII, to investigative stories on Jack the Ripper, to laugh-out-loud comedies. 

Going to the theatre is a great choice for an evening’s entertainment, for many reasons. It feels like more of a treat than going to a cinema; you can dress up if you like (though don’t worry – there’s definitely not a dress code) and lots of great restaurants do theatre deals, so you can make an evening of it with a lovely meal beforehand. You also can’t underestimate the power of live performance, with shows such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child making audiences gasp at their displays of magic and illusion.

The theatre is also a communal experience, and you’ll be supporting an alternative to Hollywood whilst sipping your wine and settling back to the entertainment. If you need more convincing, it also offers a chance to see some of your favourite actors in the flesh. Film stars such as Tom Hiddlestone, Emilia Clarke and even Daniel Radcliffe have all trod the boards, often more than once, and you could have the chance to go and see them acting in the same room as you!

However, with so many options available, choosing what to see can feel like an intimidating task. This handy infographic will help you narrow it down, and even give you some great suggestions so you can book those tickets right away.


Infographic designed by: west end tickets

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