My week in Photo’s

A little round up in photo’s of what we have been up to this week. The boys broke up for the holidays last week, however I still had to work on the Wednesday as my School didn’t finish as early, so it felt a bit weird. We are all finished now and I’m looking forward to some quality time with everyone over the next few weeks.

1. Visiting my Nana, their Great Grandma. She loves seeing them and they love seeing her. 2. A beautiful sunny, tea in the park for baby girl and the boys. 3. Having a go at Geocaching. 4. Bathtime chaos with 3.

5. She loves her brothers. 6. A quiet (ish) coffee with baby girl whilst her brothers are at football club. 7. Beautiful view in our garden after my last day at work with a glass of wine in hand. 8. James doing his kettlebells.

9. She’s got really quick at crawling now and follows everyone around the house. 10. Trying out an amber anklet as she is starting to teeth. 11. A haircut for the boys, they look so much better. 12. Kyle holding a giant centipede at a reptile show.

13. Finlay holding a gecko at the reptile show. He thought it was really cute. 14. Morning smiles from baby girl. 15. Relaxing by the pool at the Spa at Woburn Sands Aqua sauna, such a relaxing day. 16. A glass of prosecco!


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  1. I saw the haircut photo on Instagram and I thought they look so handsome!! I’ve been thinking about arranging a spa day but I don’t know whether to do it with a friend or with Andrew? I think we both need to relax but I’m not sure what he’d make of it!?

    Have another great week.



  2. Gorgeous photos 🙂 and so jealous of your spa day!!

    Stevie xx

  3. Lovely photos. My favourite is 5. How lovely is that. It is wonderful to see the love siblings have for each other. #picknmix

  4. I love how it’s all busy,busy,busy and then a fab relaxing spa day at the end lol!Really lovely photos x #picnmix

  5. What lovely photos. I love the one in the bath – I always think bath times bring such special moments and I am envying your prosecco! 🙂

  6. Lovely photos and love the view from your garden. We too love a bit of Geocaching (well I do as Jack is too young). Haircuts are very nice boys – looking smart! #PicknMix

  7. Silly Mummy says:

    Aww lovely pictures! I love number 5 – so sweet! #PicknMix

  8. All your photos are lovely!! Love the one of the 3 having a bath!! So much fun!! I only have 2 and I feel so exhausted sometimes, I can’t imagine how must be having 3! Your kids are so cute!! Thanks for hosting, xx

  9. Looks like a lovely week, and you managed to get some you time too:). We really want to have a go at Geocatching. Hope you have a fab rest of the holidays. Thanks for hosting #PicknMix

  10. Oh you have just made the whole world jealous with the spa and glass of prosecco! Looks like a wonderful week. #picknmix

  11. Oooh the spa looks wonderful! A perfect time 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  12. Alice says:

    Aw, looks like a lovely holiday so far!
    x Alice

  13. Looks like a great week 🙂 #picknmix xx

  14. I love the idea of capturing a week in photos! Happy Holidays by the way! Must be great to have this time off to spend with your children! …and a centipede?! yikes! lol

  15. Ashleigh Day says:

    what amazing pictures! id have to agree with most of everyone else’s comments and say number 5 is the best one! so lovely! #PicknMix

  16. Sarah Norris says:

    hi, Lovely pics 🙂
    Is that 4 generations in the top picture ? That is so rare. I never really knew any of my grandparents and still mourn that fact even now.
    I have 4 brothers and have many fond memories of scenes like some of yours, rolling around the floor with a baby and all piling in the bath together lol It used to take my mum ages to clean up afterwards lol
    I have to say that I think there will be a lot of parents, mums especially, who will be envying the spa and the Prosecco, including me….but I am off to the Hummingbird bakery later fo some Red Velvet cake 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the pictures,
    Sarah x

  17. Lady Nym says:

    Really nice photos! The centipede did make me feel a little squeamish, though. But overall very cute and relaxing.


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