Project 365 #3


My third week of #project365. I didn’t think I had got very many good photos this week, but was pleasantly surprised looking back through them.

Sundays photo is of my sister and the boys and Baby girl. I was really pleased to have the boys back after them being at their Dads for the weekend.

Monday the oh went away for work for a few days and I sent him this photo of Baby girl as he was missing her.

Tuesday I caught this lovely photo of Baby girl when I was getting her dressed in the morning. I love how happy she wakes up, always smiley.

Wednesday I went to visit my Nan. She loves seeing Baby girl, it really brightens up her week. My Mum is making her smile in this photo. A great captured moment.

Thursday is another photo of Baby girl. I love her outfit that she is wearing. Even better that it was in the sale.

Friday I spent the night at my Mum and Dads as the oh has gone away again for a week this time 🙁 I was looking through my old baby photos and was shocked at how similar Baby girl is. I put this photo together and you can really see the comparison.

Saturday we went to one of my favourite places. Salcey forest and did the Gruffalo’s Child trail. I’ve picked two photo’s a selfie of me and Baby girl and the boys sitting on a tree. I got some great photos on the walk and a couple are on my #MySundayPhoto post.

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! What lovely photos!

  2. Beautiful photos. What a happy baby 🙂

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