Are hybrid cars better than EVs?

For many people, a new year means a new car, but could this be the year that electric and hybrid models really take off? More car manufacturers than ever are choosing to add hybrid and electric options to their new car lineup this year and for used car customers, there are plenty of second-hand deals on eco-friendly cars available. So with this in mind, if you’re looking to live a lifestyle that’s a little greener this year, how do you know whether to get a hybrid or a fully electric car next? The guide below has been designed to help you weigh up the pros and cons of each and also decide whether a hybrid or electric car would fit in with your lifestyle.  

Why should you consider a car that’s eco-friendly? 

A car that is eco-friendly is essentially a vehicle that has a lesser harmful impact on the environment. Petrol cars, and diesel cars especially, release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere which contribute to the rate of global warming and accelerates the rate of climate change. To help do your bit, you may consider getting an eco-friendly vehicle. Hybrid cars aren’t as eco-friendly as electric cars as they combine ana electric motor with petrol or diesel engines, so they still produce pollutants. EVs on the other hand don’t have a tailpipe or combustion engine and instead use rechargeable electric batteries to power the car. 

Is it worth getting a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars can be good if you’re not yet ready to take the plunge to fully electric driving. Hybrid cars usually combine a petrol engine with a small electric battery and can be well suited to city driving. Hybrid cars are good if you only travel within the electric range of your chosen car, around 20-4 miles each day. When recharging the battery overnight, you could benefit from all electric driving but without the higher purchase price of an EV. Electric vehicles tend to have a higher purchase price than their hybrid counterparts due to the modern technology involved. You can also get used hybrid cars on finance to help spread the cost of ownership. There are many benefits to getting a hybrid car and many new models coming out in 2023 but due to the petrol or diesel engine involved, they will never be as eco-friendly as a full EV.

Should I get an electric car this year?

In 2030, the UK government will ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars. With this in mind, more drivers are wondering whether they should adopt an EV into their lifestyle now ahead of time. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly as they don’t have a tailpipe and don’t release harmful gasses into the environment. The batteries used in electric cars can be recharged at home too which makes them much cheaper to run when compared to refuelling your car with petrol or diesel. The electric range of your EV will depend on the size of the battery and how powerful it is. If you’re looking to get an EV, it can be worth comparing different makes and models to see how far you could travel on a single charge and if it would fit in with your lifestyle. As quickly mentioned above, electric vehicles can have a higher purchase price though. If you’re looking to finance an EV, you could use a car finance payment calculator to see how much you could afford to borrow first. 

Is a hybrid or electric car right for you?

If you’ve read over the points above, you may have already decided if an eco-friendly car is right for you. Whilst there are so many benefits to getting an electric car or a hybrid powertrain, there are a few factors you should consider first to see if it would fit in with your current lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to use your hybrid electric motor or get a fully electric vehicle, you will need to recharge your battery. You can do this at home by having an at-home charger installed which can be the cheapest way to recharge your EV. However, the charger needs to be off the road and either located at the side of a property or within a garage. This may not suit all drivers depending on the type of property they live in. 

For some drivers, the purchase price of a new and used electric or hybrid car can be too much. Whilst you can spread the cos with finance, not everyone will be able to get approved for a finance deal. If you’re on a budget, a second-hand petrol or diesel car may be a better option for you. 

Hybrid cars can be better suited to shorter trips or city driving. If you travel within your hybrid cars electric range each day, you can basically benefit from a full EV without the price tag. Fully electric vehicles have a higher mileage than hybrids but aren’t as nippy or don’t perform as well on long commutes or motorway driving. 

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