What is life like in Buenos Aires in 2022?

Living in Buenos Aires is a real adventure, and any resident or foreigner who has visited this city cannot say otherwise. There is a concrete reason why everyone falls in love with this place. It is its warmth and the human quality that inhabits it. This place has all the condiments that make everyone want to come back every time.

If you want to visit Buenos Aires, the most important thing is to make an itinerary of the places you want to see and why. Keep in mind that the culture of Argentina is great, that in every place there are exciting stories that are part of the construction of this nation and explain why the Argentineans are hospitable to every person who visits the country.

Life in Buenos Aires in 2022 is very different from that in 2019, before the pandemic. It must be recognized that the way of living has changed around the world after going through tense moments such as quarantine or social distancing.

People living in Buenos Aires have always had the habit of getting together on Sundays for lunch as a family, where the day lasts until late in the afternoon. Although the pandemic ended this custom, it did not manage to demolish it, and little by little this year, the meetings are taking place.

If you are a foreigner visiting Buenos Aires, you will learn the language quickly because you will see that it is a city where the residents do not stop talking. However, if you are interested in knowing in-depth the history of its language, we recommend you attend a Spanish course in Buenos Aires, which will give you a wide vision of this culture.

Cultural Buenos Aires

The residents of this city like to be in touch with the general and world culture. It is no coincidence that there are so many theaters, museums, and open-air plays for everyone to enjoy, even without having the money to pay for tickets.

One thing that stands out in this place is that you do not need to have money to enjoy the attractions it offers in the streets and squares that everyone can enjoy.

This cosmopolitan site offers not only places to observe, admire and discuss different artistic formats but also provides high-level gastronomy. It is essential to understand that, like many people from other countries, the food is varied, although it has a solid base in meat.


There are hundreds of restaurants in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, where people enjoy going. During the pandemic, many of these places closed and could not reopen; others opted for delivery. This second option proved beneficial and allowed many people to visit places they would not have been able to in the past.

Many of these places have reopened, and the nightlife is greatly enjoyed. With a diversity of people from different origins, gastronomy fuses Argentine customs with others and generates eccentric and delicious dishes.

Parks and squares

These green spaces are some of the most enjoyed by the people from other parts of the world to enjoy this place so rich in history. The free nature of the squares means that every Sunday, they are filled with people who gather to eat sweet things, drink the famous mate and chat until the sun goes down.

The most important thing about the squares is that they became a key meeting place in Buenos Aires and the rest of the world. This was preserved after the confinement was over; now, it is necessary to visit every weekend.

In addition, these green spaces host artisan fairs where they sell everything from clothing to exotic foods. If you are a foreigner, you will love this because it will give you the chance to get to know many cultures simultaneously and maybe you will even find something that reminds you of your country.

Attending a Spanish language school in Buenos Aires will give you not only knowledge, but also you will be able to make a group of friends with whom you can travel around after finishing the course. This is one of the most effective ways to learn a language, and we recommend buying a dictionary of phrases to help you navigate the city.

Socializing in Buenos Aires is very important; Argentina is a country where communicating with others through affection is indispensable. The culture of family, “mate”, sharing moments, and respecting the ancestors is, for Argentina, one of the characteristics that define it and differentiate it from countries in the rest of the world.

What do you need to know Buenos Aires?

Life in Buenos Aires 2022 has changed, and you need to know some of its fundamental changes. As it happened in the rest of the countries, the people enjoy more the present and parties are back to being the centre of their nights.

The nightlife is one of the things that most attracts tourists and is a more than valid reason to visit this strange city. You should visit hidden bars throughout the city, where you can try signature drinks and meet new people.

Finally, you will know that, like any other country, Argentines appreciate it when a foreigner communicates in their language. Learning Spanish during your trip will not only allow you to take advantage of it in a different way but will also allow you to handle the language professionally. You will be able to locate yourself in the streets, know the emblematic phrases, and visit museums with knowledge of what you admire.

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