32 weeks

August 27, 2014

I’ve spent my 32nd week in Malcesine,on the Lake Garda in Italy. It’s been lovely to get away and spend some quality time with the oh before bump arrives. I had to get a fit to fly letter and BA accept one from your midwife which she will do for free. A little tip if you need one as the doctor was going to charge.

We came here because we had a wedding to go to, OH was the best man. The wedding was beautiful, in a castle on the lake!
I had a real struggle trying to find something nice to wear. In the end I got a Tiffany Rose dress from eBay as the style that I liked they no longer make. It’s strapless and thought that would be good in the heat. I wasn’t sure about the dress, but once it was on I loved it. I actually felt pretty good for the day, and I got lots of compliments! It was such a nice dress I even got away with wearing some sparkly flip flops with it instead of heels. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a nice maternity dress. 
My spd has been pretty painful this week, but we have walked quite a bit. Apart from that I’m feeling pretty good. Bump is moving around lots and getting the hiccups regularly. The OH is being really cute and talks to her everyday. 
Here I am in my dress from all angles. The OH favourite view is the one from behind! 
Mother's Always Right

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