Why Do The Kids Grow Up So Fast?

Wherever your children are age wise at the minute, if there’s one thing we think we can all agree on, it’s that kids definitely do grow up fast. One minute you’re holding them in your arms for the first time, and the next they’re running around the home making you pull your hair out, and before you know it they’re off on their own. You might think that you have a lifetime until this happens to you, but it might come round quicker than you think. If you only have young children at the minute, then there’s a couple of things you need to think about. They grow up so fast, which is why we think you need to be prepared to cope through the years. The needs change, the memories you’re able to make change, and the family life you have will also change. To ensure that these years don’t fly by and you miss out on things, have a read of the article below, and see how much you can make of the years to come.

Don’t Let Them Run Rings Around You


So, we think that if there’s one things that kids seem to be able to do really well, it’s run rings around you. No matter what you seem to do, they’ll always have that cheeky side to them that will try and push the boundaries as much as they possibly can. Will this drive you crazy? Yes. Will this potentially drive a wedge between the you and your child? Yes. Because if they are running rings around you, and you are going crazy about it, all your household is going to be full of is arguments as your children get older. Which is why you need to get a happy balance between discipline and fun. Because when your kids are running the rings around you, all they’re trying to do is push boundaries every time. As long as you show them what the boundaries are, they’ll hopefully never try and go above them. You really don’t want to have too much of a tight leash on them as they get older. As they years do fly by, it’s all about trying to build a bond that’s strong enough to last it, especially through the teenage years. Once they have left the family home, the running rings ends, and it’s so much easier to focus on this bond that you should have built when they were younger.


Don’t Miss Precious Opportunities


As you start to realise how fast time is actually passing you by, you start to realise how many opportunities you might have been missing out on. The ones where you could have gone out for a baby play date, or taken them to the park to ride their first bike, or taken them to their first date. As they get older, the memories you’re able to make will change. They might not want you as involved in their life, but it doesn’t mean that the family unit you have is not able to make those all important memories!

It doesn’t matter how old your children are at the minute, try and think of ways that you can make the most memories. Even if it is setting up a den fort tonight (if you have younger children) and sitting in it to watch films. Or, perhaps now the weekend is here, you could drag all of your grumpy teenagers out of bed, and take them to do something that they actually like doing. You can’t force your children to do things that you want to do as they get older, so make sure your outings are something that will be fun for them as well!


Don’t Let Your Finances Suffer


Oh boy, can your finances suffer. There are some general figures about how much a child costs to raise per year, and in their lifetime. If we told you the sum, it might just make your eyes water a little bit. So we’re going to tell you the sum. On average, it will cost around $233,610 to raise a child. That doesn’t account for the extra holiday’s you might go on, the extravagant lifestyle you might want them to lead, and many other factors that just mean it gets so much more expensive.

So, the one thing you need to do as your children get older, is cut down on things. Their showers will get longer, their need to hide in their bedroom with every bit of electrical equipment on will grow, and you’ll generally find that your bills will soar. One thing you could do is check out these tankless water heater reviews. They’re a great idea if you’re looking to control your water heat and usage, you just need to have one installed. It’s all about finding nice little ways to ensure you can save money around the home, because boy will your kids find ways to spend it!


Being That Supportive Parent

If nothing else, you really need to make sure you’re being a supportive parent. From the moment you give birth, they will rely on you for pretty much everything until they leave the home. It’s all well and good being the provider, but so many parents miss out on the opportunity to be a supportive parent. To be there for their child through all of the difficult times they might have to go through, such as puberty, and even adult problems. They might live with your until they’re well into their 20’s, but it doesn’t mean you should stop being their for them as they need you to be. Don’t let your relationships with your child suffer because of it. Girls seem to have more problems than boys as well, so be prepared to be that shoulder to cry on more often. If you have a more open and honest relationships with your kids, it’ll mean they’ll feel as though they can approach you more often, rather than hiding their problems.

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